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Cat Planet Cuties is an anime series in the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise
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An Amusing, breath of fresh air, but for the right people! Reviewed by BoiMortimerr on June 7, 2012. BoiMortimerr has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Cat Planet Cuties. 2 out of 2 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

Wow, What can I say about this show.

Quick Debriefing: A cat woman name Elis from the planet of Catia has crash landed on Earth and soon meets Kio Kakuzu, a nerdy young teenager with a kind heart and a "Wishy washy" personality.

Now I just finished watching this show earlier today, and I've got to say, it is not half bad. The romance that all three of the main lead girls in the show share for Kio is deep in it's own way. Whether it was Kio saving her life, or Kio being the kind hearted individual he is, they all seem to find some sort of way to adore him for who he is, and this develops to a (silly but satisfying (in a way)) climax in the final episode. Now while the romance is something that was definitely more and more interesting to watch throughout the whole show, I also thought that sexual humor and "fanservice" were also funny, but the problem is that people don't really look for that in an anime.

This is the sort of anime that steps into the category of sexual humor. The romance going on between all three of the main girls and Kio entails it when they all get into situations where it would obviously be a stretch. Like being shoved in extremely skimpy bathing suits and having to chase after a boat while their own speed boat bounces, with all the juicy angles included. Now some may see this as just a stupid fanservicy show, but I find it ridiculously funny to see how corny the plot is with its "Catians" and "Dogishuans" and how they learn Earth "Customs" in the weirdest way possible. While the fanservice is obviously there, it is funny, with things like finding porno mags under the bed, drag queen directors, and other grin cracking situations that made me face palm in laughter.

This show is definitely not for the serious anime type, but I find it easy to compare to "Rosario+Vampire" and others of it's kind. It's just refreshing to see a new one come around that puts it's own take on the whole sub genre. This is a show with a corny plot, bouncing catwoman boobs, sexual humor, and deep relationships (Wait what?), Oh! and pretty good action scenes as well. The whole combo also includes some great animation that is colorful, vivid, and a blast to look at. I once again say that this show is not for someone who is totally angered by fanservice, but if your looking for a semi-light hearted anime, with mature humor, deep relationships and feelings shared by some of the main characters, very colorful animation, and laughs that are great to share with your friends (Quite possibly this weekend for me :D), this is the show for you. Simply put, it is a Comedic Relief anime not meant to be taken very seriously, but does contain depth and is just amusing to watch (all the boobs, butts, and awkward sexual situations included).

I hope to see a second season (The finale sort of opened the possibilty)!


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