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My roommate misread the title as “CAT PLANET TITIES” and I felt it’d actually less accurate to correct him.

I’ve learned to expect a show will be controversial - - even volatilely so, sometimes - - when I receive it in a gift box that packs a few party favors along. HETALIA came to me with the DVDs wrapped in colorful paper and glitter, VAMPIRE BUND came with a little packet of sun block and, now, this set comes with shredded paper and a little mouse plushy. Obviously, Funi’s pretty aware of how… dicey certain shows can get, and such accessories are most probably an effort to keep everybody’s tongue in cheek and soften any blows to the viscera.

Along that line, I feel like the ADR team goes an extra mile for the dub in these cases, as well - - sort of like an ad agency using the friendliest spokesman available to make a particularly tough sell. CAT PLANET TITIES… * AHEM *… CUTIES, doesn’t show much in its first episode that differentiates it from the countless other sex coms where a sexy magical girl drops right into a dude’s life and gets all manner of (sexy) chaos going. However, the voice team seriously makes it all go down easy (sexy innuendo!) with the kind of appealing personalities that make you forget how you're watching something that's really only a hair or two away from the sort of Pay-Per-View material that’s so pesky for showing up on embarrassing hotel bills.

Beyond that, this is a perfectly entertaining way to kill 22 minutes in privacy somewhere (it’s probably not the best thing to watch on your laptop on a plane.) Though, judging by the ample amount of bare T&A in the promo packet that was included along with the shredded paper, I suspect matters will get significantly saucier as this series unfolds. Repeatedly, we'll be made to ask if it this all would be more acceptable, or less so, if the chick was really just a girl with furry interests instead of an alien werecat.

Watch this episode, "The Cat Who Fell To Earth” below and decide for yourself.

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This series is okay. Fairly likable characters, decent animation and sound. An easy to watch series. The whole space-dog-humanoids/space-cats-humanoid rivalry plot that they developed later in the series was sort of silly though, but I guess that's the point?

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I actually couldn't get through the first few episodes of this. All of the absurd  fan service blocked out any kind of appeal it may have had for me.
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Tom, I recommend walking away from this because things just go down from this first episode.

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This was a guilty pleasure of mine. Fun to watch with ninja maids, references to sci-fi and action movies, and in one episode they actually talked about the Uncanny Valley when a (cat)person-looking "assistaroid" comes to visit. However, it's not something I'd really recommend to anyone with standards.

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Ah, I remember giving the first seven episodes of this a try on CrunchyRoll back in January. Even for someone like myself who enjoys series that are loaded with fanservice, this series just didn't seem all too enjoyable to watch. I will admit, the characters are somewhat interesting and the animation quality is better than some series I know of, but the weak story just made me put it down.

I would advise on passing over the rest of the series, Tom (as like metalsnakezero stated). It starts out decent, but slowly begins to sink downhill with every passing episode.

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I saw the first episode. It was a long 22 minutes. Seeing nothing redeeming, I decided not to bother watching any more.

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I was thinking about picking this series and Yamada's First Time in an order from RightStuf since there is a FUNi sale going on but I think I'll pass for now. They are reasonably enjoyable series but not enough where I really want them.

Speaking of taking in something "risque" on a plane, I read Vol. 3 of Black Lagoon and Vol. 4 of HOTD on my flight and I sat between passengers.

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I liked this one but it sort of meanders a lot as it progresses. It definitely get sillier, too (bathing suits!) and there's a lot more nudity from its cast. I suspect you'll be uncomfortable with the two human girls scenes in episode three. I still have yet to finish it though. I'm two or three from the end, but I set it down a while back and haven't picked it up since. It's good but not a harem fan essential in my opinion.

Interesting side note, the bespectacled brunette teen girl, Aoi Futaba has the same name as a cross-dressing policeman/woman in the 1990's action-comedy series, You're Under Arrest. I'm not sure how many times in the past there has been two anime characters from much different shows with the same name...well, not counting all the various ones named after people in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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This series was called Bombshells from the Sky .The rename is meh.When it was named that their was not alot of bare nakedness.It has alot of parody In the openers as the series goes on.The main series it self was not bad. the ova was full on bare nakedness at times .

For those who do not like fan service they should hold their nose high an look else where.For the rest of us that like parody as well as good girl art its worth a watch.

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@Marshal Victory said:

For the rest of us that like parody as well as good girl art its worth a watch.

I'm going to try that line with my wife sometime. "But honey, it's just girl art".

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I'm curious to see what you think of later episodes. The CR simulcast was pervy at times, but pretty tame. I've seen screenshots of the BD and there are naked kids children running around in it. I wonder if that will cross the line for Tom. It's made me rethink whether or not I will purchase the series as I thought the series stayed in good taste but now it seems like the real version jumps head first into softcore cartoon kid porn.

Cartoon kid porn on the BD aside, the series is pretty good. It's pretty light hearted overall and when it does get kinda serious it avoids what alot of these echhi comedies do by not trashing everything good about the show in exchange to play up some poorly written drama or lame-o storyline. Also, it's a show about CATians locked in a forever struggle against the DOGians so it getting "serious" is still fairly light. The later it goes, it gets more and filled with homages to other shows and anime, culminating in an episode straight from Gundam complete with power suit mech battles in space with robo lazer swords and ion canons.

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@kwyrt said:

@Marshal Victory said:

For the rest of us that like parody as well as good girl art its worth a watch.

I'm going to try that line with my wife sometime. "But honey, it's just girl art".

A female friend of mine from years gone past used to say" why should i get jealous of ink?"She was a avid collector of good girl art to.Her an a few others i knew collected collector art cards. also his card sets an posters. Some even liked which if any thing this series kinda reminds me of his art style at times.

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Fucking kill it with fire and run as far away as you possibly can.

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Didn't like it either from the first episode. I also suggest that everyone should run away as fast as you can from this bullshit.

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@ZombiePie: Oh hey didn't see you around these parts recently.

Also, yeah, don't blame you for that sentiment.

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