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Cat Paradise is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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Futaba Aoki

The current president of the Health Committee at Matabi Academy, Aoki is not much of a people person and tends to keep to herself. She is the owner of her cat Gekko and can control the shadows of her cat with her abilities in order to gain the advantage when the need arises.

Kaiya Yamamoto

One of the members of the Matabi Academy Student Council, Kaiya deals with issues that arise around the academy. He is the owner of his cat Hissui and is a childhood friend of fellow council member Kotori Hasutani. He uses his powers to create unique "surfaces" that can be levitated.


The four-year old cat that Yumi Hayakawa owns in Cat Paradise, Kansuke was orginally saved from being hit by a van after Yumi came back and protected him. He bears a scar from being hit by her bike on his head, and transforms into a anthropomorphic human from Yumi's powers.

Kotori Hasutani

The current Vice President of the Matabi Academy Student Council and childhood friend of Kaiya Yamamoto, Kotori feels that problems should be worked out through words instead of violence. She is the owner of her cat Musashimaru and has the ability to create unique "food" that grants powers to her cat.

Shin Kamio

The uptight, strict 3rd-year leader of the Matabi Academy Student Council, Shin is the owner of his cat Yamoto and deals with issues at the academy. He tends to fight against enemies alone with his sword and has impressive sword skills that he uses in combat.

Tsubame Akifuji

The current student council clerk at Matabi Academy, Akifuji is quite the bookworm and takes a liking to girls who are both clumsy and silly in nature. He is the owner of his cat Sakura and is popular with both the student population and cats at the academy.

Tsukasa Hinode

The current leader of the Cultural Committee at Matabi Academy, Hinode is the youngest member of the six person council and is the owner of his cat Raimu. He has the impressive ability to control/distort both time and space and force people into the unique dreams of Raimu.

Yumi Hayakawa

The main female character of the Cat Paradise manga, Yumi decides to take classes at Matabi Academy due to the fact that they allow students to bring cats. She is the current owner of her beloved cat Kansuke and seeks to fit in.

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