Cat Paradise #1 - Cat Paradise 01

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 05/18/2007

Plot Summary

A girl by the name of Yumi attends a new high school so that she can keep her cat Kansuke, only to learn that she and he are a bonded pair with supernatural powers to fight demons.


Japanese Release Date: May 18, 2005

American Release Date: August 4, 2009

Prologue Pg. 3

Chapter 1: The Academy With Cats Pg. 7

Chapter 2: Your Special Skill Pg. 57

Chapter 3: The Secret Room Pg. 97

Chapter 4: Request Pg. 129

Chapter 5: The Reason I Need to Be Strong Pg. 161


Full Plot Summary

Ch. 1

Princess Futakago and her cat, Shirayuki, are seen confronting a huge tiger entity where Shirayuki is wounded. The scene shifts to present where Yumi gets to school, Matabi academy. She is starting her first year, and Kansuke struggles to get out. After he gets out, he hisses at Yumi for keeping him locked up in ridiculous clothes. On the way, Yumi bumps into Tsubame who reminds her of the opening ceremony. Kansuke thought he saw something in the woods (it looks like Princess Futakago and Shirayuki), but he dismisses it. During the ceremony, Yumi's friend informs her of the the top classmen.

  • Kamio Shin - 3rd Year, President
  • Hasutani Kotori - 3rd Year, Vice President
  • Yamamoto Kaiya - Disciplinary Committee Chairman
  • Aoki Futaba - Health Committee Chairman
  • Hinode Tsukasa - cultural committee chairman
  • Akifuji Tsubame

Yumi's friend freaks out because she thinks Akifuji winked at her. Kamio Shin yells at her and Yumi and tells them to clean the statue after class. Meanwhile, Kansuke bumps into a mob of cats and Masashi-Maru, a big cat. Masashi-Maru tells Kansuke that he's going teach who's boss. While Yumi and her friend clean the statue, Hinode tells Tsubame that these two girls are cute. Around the same time, Kotori fetches Akifuji and them for a meeting; a mysterious being appears and interrupts Kansuke's fight. The monster goes up to Yumi and her friend and show them his collection of skulls. After Yumi and her friend screams, Kansuke attacks the monster.

Chapter 2

The student council face off the Fox Demon, Tsukumo Isshu, who is the right knee of King Kaen. When Kansuke is near death, he wishes to protect Yumi. Out of nowhere, Princess Futakago and Shirayuki grant Kansuke's wish, and two crests are bestowed upon them. Akifuji tells Yumi to raise her hand to activate Kansuke's power. Kansuke transforms and has humanoid form, and he delivers an uppercut to the fox demons. Before Kansuke can thank Yumi, he faints and reverts back to a cat. The student council think about what had happened and whether to let Yumi join them.

Chapter 3

While Yumi and her friend get to school, Yamato gathers the cats. Outside of the gathering, Sakura has Kansuke follow her, and Akifuji takes Yumi from class. He explains that there are two barriers around school which affects people's memories. Akifuji greets his cat, Sakura; Yumi and Kansuke reunite for a bit. Arriving at the library, Akifuji shows Yumi, the secret room where Sandou stores his knowledge. Sakura explains more about Kaen, the ancestor of all cats. The princess and Shirayuki sealed Kaen, and then 100 years later, Sandou had to pick up the job. When Kansuke refused to believed, Akifuji reveals a secret passage downstairs. The student council are staring at a broken boulder which is the seal for Kaen.

Chapter 4

Kotori and Yumi talk about the prophecy, wishes and Kaen with their cats, and the vice president's body gets taken over by the fox demon from earlier. The fox demon summons a boar, Bangai, to attack Yumi and Nanako.

Chapter 5

As their fight with boar resumes, Kotori's origin story with her cat, Masashimaru. Kotori's power is revealed as cooking. She can uses the food give her cat, power ups. Masashimaru becomes big by eating Butaman. Her wish is to have the power to make people talk things through. Shin appears and kill the beast with one stroke of his sword.

This volume has an omake where they discuss some information.


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