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Castle is a anime/manga location
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Arystar Krory III

Aleister Crowley Is a exorcist with vampire-type abilities. After being exposed to Akuma blood, his innocence made him thirst for it, like blood to a vampire.

Bowser The Koopa King

Bowser is the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series, and Mario's archenemy. His plans mostly includes kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. With his trademark fire breath, nobody can stop the great Koopa King! He can also play sports during his free time.


Carmilla is the spirit of a powerful Noble that was killed by the Vampire King long ago.

Chizuru Kirishiki

Sunako's mother.


The sought-out prince from Utena's childhood. Although he and his powers were sealed away, he persisted to aid Utena in her times of need, suggesting that he may be her guardian angel of sorts.


The most famous Vampire character of all time. The Dracula lore is used in several anime, most notably in Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D.


A demon that serves Laharl along with Flonne in his journey to reclaim the demon overlord throne


A clumsy assassin sent to kill King Krichevskoy, she ends up befriending Laharl and Etna.


The main villain of the Zelda series of video games and manga.


Howl is the handsome protagonist of the film Howl's Moving Castle. He is a powerful wizard and immensely clever. Initially, he appears self-absorbed, but he is revealed to have a soft-heart.

Kaguya Hime

The main antagonist of the second Inuyasha film.


Son of the late King Krichevskoy. He is the true heir to the throne, and he intends to prove it.

Larmica Lee

Larmica is the daughter of Count Magnus Lee. She has a fatal attraction to Hunter D.


Former Servant of Laharl's father. The man who stole Etna's memories.

Magnus Lee

The vampire of the first Vampire Hunter D book. He bit Doris Lang, intending to turn her into his vampire bride, but D puts efforts to stop the Count from achieving his lustful plan.

Peach Toadstool

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Pegasus J. Crawford

One of the villains from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. He is the creator of Duel Monsters card game and wields the Millennium Eye.


Slaves of demons and angels


Raoh is the older brother of Kenshiro and a powerful dictator in the post-apocalyptic world.

Seishirou Kirishiki

A member of the mysterious Kirishiki clan.


Souther was the sole inheritor of the Nanto Ho'oh-Ken style and born under the Command Star. The man grew up an egotist, devoid of emotions and hungry for power.

Sunako Kirishiki

The youngest daughter of the Kirishiki clan, who suffers from a mysterious malady that keeps her indoors throughout the day, only to venture out at night.


The happy-go-lucky servant of the Kirishiki family.


A demon also known as the Dark Adonis. Usually defeated and humiliated by Laharl.

Yoshie Kurahashi

She is an employee of the Kirishikis.


Princess Zelda is part of Hyrule's royal family. She is usually kidnapped or imprisoned by Ganon/Ganondorf and saved by Link in the Legend of Zelda series.

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