Castaway is an anime episode of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet that was released on 04/07/2013
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
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Ensign Ledo is a Machine Caliber pilot in the Galactic Alliance of Humankind, fighting a seemingly endless war against the Hideauze out in the far reaches of the galaxy. But after an accident during the latest battle he and his robot, Chamber, end up on a mysterious planet filled with a seemingly primitive tribe of humans...
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Plot Summary

Theme Music
EndingKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
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Red wakes up from his sleep and the REM Hypnosis Education program. Commander Kugel debriefs Red and his squad about the surprise attack on Hideauze using a wormhole. Chamber, his computer, informs him that he has been granted limited citizenship privileges and the right to visit Avalon for four weeks due to his service in the military. When Chamber notices Red is not enthusiastic about the privileges due to Red's adrenaline levels Red asks Chamber if he's happy. Chamber replies that he is only a Pilot Support Enlightenment Interface System. Red and rest of the fleet prepare to enter the worm hole. The army find the Blossom Sail Fortress and begins bombarding it. The fortress fires back and wipes the front lines. Red and the rest of soldiers advance forward to engage the enemy. Then, Blossom Sail Fortress fires its laser again. Commander Kugel receives a report about the worm hole's stability. He orders everyone to set up the Quantum bombs and withdraw from the battle field. Red assists his group to make sure the bomb gets set up. Though, he fails when the enemy claims some of the soldiers. Kugel bids Red farewell as he stays behind. Red attempts to board the ship, but he gets attacked by the enemy. As the worm hole closes, Red gets suck in while the main fleet departs to its proper destination.

In Gargantia, Amy arrives to see Bellows and Pinion trying to open up Chamber (Red's mech suit). She leaves after Bellows and Pinion tell her that they will cut off some parts. Inside Chamber, Red wakes up while Chamber informs him that he has been asleep for six months. Chamber activates the visors for Red to see what is going on outside. He informs Red that they have been transported to a distant place. Red tells Chamber that he will wait until everyone leaves before investigating his surroundings. After the coast is clear, Red exits his mech suit, and he finds that he can breath. Pinion enters the garage with Amy. He notices something had made tracks. When Amy's squirrel hisses, Pinion grabs his wrench and tells Amy to stay away from the mech suit.

Suddenly, Red grabs Amy and makes a run for it. He tells Chamber to translate the language that the inhabitants spoke as well as finding more information about the planet. Red arrives outside where he finds a vast sea. Amy's squirrel attacks Red who releases Amy. Red finds himself surrounded by the inhabitants who are armed. He orders Chamber to come out. Then, Chamber finishes its analysis and informs Red that this planet is Earth, the birthplace of humanity.

Points of Interest

  • Avalon is home to humanity. It's a beautiful utopia and home to 470,000,000 citizens.
  • Hideauze is one of lurking evils to the humanity in the galaxy.
  • Ledo's unit number is K6821.
  • Amy's squirrel is named Grace.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuya Murata Director
Hanaharu Naruko Character Artist/Designer Hanaharu Naruko is a character designer and a mangaka who works mostly on hentai.
Gen Urobuchi Writer Gen Urobuchi is a Japanese author and the original creator of the Fate/Stay Night series.
Minori Chihara ED Theme Song: Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita


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