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And we're finally caught up with Toonami's airing schedule! What diabolic timing!

If EVANGELION was masterminded by a guy going through a depressive episode, I can’t imagine what emotional state the creators of this show must’ve been in. EVA was about damaged young people raging on a path of destruction during the Apocalypse, sure, but they were at least on a trajectory to a new eon that could potentially advance mankind on some level. SINS, on the other hand, has been an eight-hour process of eroding all sense of meaning and motivation in even its most powerful and determined characters.

Casshern finally slays Dio, and then renounces violence for any purpose. He then rejects Luna’s offer of co-rule for reasons that veer somewhere between disgust, apathy, ennui and basic disinterest. He might have as well have just sighed and shrugged his shoulders when he walked away from her. Dio doesn’t get what he wants, Leda doesn’t get what she wants and Casshern hasn’t had much idea of what he’s wanted at any point throughout this. This whole saga’s been an exercise in the most artful and though-provoking pointlessness. It’s maybe even a step or two past tragedy as typically defined, because the point is that none of this had any meaning on even the most basic level.

And, like I’ve said repeatedly, that all might just make this one of the most brilliant deconstructions of adventure fiction ever…

But I’ll hold off on making any final pronouncements until we see where this last minute unholy alliance between Luna and Braiking Boss leads. See, now, that is a killer cliffhanger, friends! Total flip of my feelings at the end of last episode. Throws the whole plot through such a jack-knife turn that I really have no idea what could come next. I feel like there’s one last card that’s yet to be dealt, and it could make me totally re-assess the entire game’s that’s been played, so far.

Watch this episode, “Those Who Return” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The last episode will be one that will test your understanding of the show's message. So far you'll be able to understand it and mostly deconstruct it as you been doing.

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hmm this take almost makes me want to watch it though not now as I am depressed currently anyway. Oddly the point you are giving this show here was really the point to texnolyze as well, at least as I understood it.

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When I saw Leda and Ringo together in the scrapyard, a light bulb just pop out. The hair color just gave it away about their relationship. The characters don't acknowledge it. The show delivers the message about how death makes life more worth living in a strange way.

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I was wondering why the hell they brought Braiking Boss into the story. He was just waiting around for his chance, I guess.

I'm wondering what the hell Leda saw in Ringo. Are they bringing up the whole is she/isn't she human thing with RIngo? They absolutely revisited Ouji's discovery of Ringo with Leda talking about "my baby" Did leda have a...robortion?

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