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This one felt less like a properly-plotted episode and more like some ethereal tone poem strumming on the most abstract impressions of disappointment. There are a few jumps in plotting - - how exactly did Dune get from the wasteland to here? - - that really get by easier if you interpret all of this as happening between the blinks of a sleepy eye (like the one that’s tearing at the start of the intro!)

For 20 episodes, the show’s been building Luna up as this paragon of purity, salvation, stolen innocence and all other the precious qualities you’d ascribe to a dainty robo-world messiah. Not only is all of that turned on its head here, the girl also goes about the betrayal in such a coy and avoidant fashion. Sort of like how you might have a dream about, say, Christmas getting abruptly cancelled and everybody in your family refuses to tell you why (or even act like anything’s amiss).

Early on, a lot of you lunatics said this show was one of the most depressing anime you’d ever seen. I assumed you were all talking about the consistently melancholic tone throughout, but I’m starting to suspect that this will have a serious downer ending, as well. Not only does our hero start off with a taint on his conscience, his attempt at redemption will turn out to be a fruitless effort to restore something that was a sham to begin with. At this point, I can very easily envision the last shot of this show lingering on Casshern standing amid a sea of junked bodies; the last remaining being in an entire world that’s fallen to the Ruin.

Or maybe Casshern will succumb to the Ruin just like our pal, Dune? That'll give us an ending to pass the bon-bons around about. I’m thinking I should brace myself for some sorrow, woe and whatever synonyms for “sadness” seem appropriate.

Watch this episode, “For Whom do the Flowers Bloom?” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Spoilers for the next episode.

I enjoyed the following episode.

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I was pretty surprised that Luna was messed up, but things didn't look right when Casshern and the gang arrive to town. I love Dune's quote from the dub:

... the sun gives nothing. Simply the way it is just as the flowers bloom not for anyone's sake but their own...

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