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Sorry for the delay. We had some technical issues with Anime Vice's system earlier today that had to be sorted out before I could post this.

So our prince has a robo-dog with sharply-angular metallic fur too, huh? After a little reading online, I’m starting to realize that the Blue Bomber’s taken a lot more from Casshern than I even initially suspected. It’s no wonder that replaying MMX3 got me thinking of this show because, apparently, all those games are rather explicitly “inspired” by this story.

One of these days, I’d be curious to figure out who the trunk was for this cybernetic “tree of ideas” of which MEGA MAN, 8-MAN, ASTRO BOY, ROBOCOP, MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER and, of course, CASSHERN are all branches.

A pop cultural dissertation for another day…

In the meantime, I am absolutely enthralled with the melancholic, Apocalyptic, operatic premise and tone of this series. The enjoyment’s bolstered by how I’m still trying to get some flavor back on my palette after that tasteless bore, TEXHNOLYZE. As a sci-fi fan, I used to be intimated by the seeming respectability and seriousness of “hard SF.” Getting a little further along, I’ve come to appreciate stories like these, which hug the absurdities of their world into their chests and relish in their own theatrically - - instead of putting up too many constipated pretenses about the feasibility of what is ultimately mumbo jumbo (no matter how much “scientific research” goes into it.)

By making no bones about being an absurd robot opera (robopera?) CASSHERN SINS has already explored far deeper philosophical questions than anything offered by all those shapeless, mirthless, and all-but-pointless, diatribes in TEXHNOLYZE.

This whole Biblical set-up of Casshern committting some original sin for robotkind and becoming some sort of leper messiah to a world litterally succumbing to rust and ruin is just such richly conceptual premise. The melancholy doesn’t feel cheaply “emo” - - it feels like a true, mythopoeic tragedy.

Watch this episode, "A World Replete With Death Throes” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I really love this series now.

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Casshern!!!!! T-T

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Call me when you get to the episode with the singer. Mainly because I want to see your reaction.

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@LordTerminal said:

Call me when you get to the episode with the singer. Mainly because I want to see your reaction.

He will probably have the same reaction when he watched that princess in Code Geass starts murdering everyone: he will laugh at any black humor he can find.

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