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Well… now... why wouldn’t Lyuze be in love with Casshern? He’s a handsome fellow. He’s clean. He’s good with kids. So what if he’s maybe got a murder or two on his record?

I believe this is the episode that our very own YotaruVegeta has been warning me about for quite some time. I don’t know if “pretentious” is quite the word I’d use, because I do think it would’ve played far better in a smaller dose.

Play around with some BLADE RUNNER ideas of robots dreaming, push the abstract conceit with some Lynchian surrealist scenarios… that all would’ve provided a worthwhile body on which to dress this particular piece of character development. But it really didn’t need an entire episode to get the point across.

At the most, this could’ve been done on the “A Side.” At best, it should’ve been relegated to a single scene. As is, I got the point pretty earlier on, and that point was repeated to me, again and again, over the course of the remaining twenty minutes. Yet, despite all that repetition, the reason for Lyuze’s wandering onto the graffiti-ornamented street set of McGruff the Crime Dog PSA (as shown above) is never really discussed on screen.

(Maybe the reason is implicit. I mean, thinking about, you can’t take much of a bigger bite of crime than basically wiping out all the criminals - - along with everybody else - - off the face of the Earth, right?)

I’m also a little hazy about the relationships and… uh… genealogy of some of these characters. Wasn’t Lyuze supposed to be Luna’s sister, if I correctly recall? I’m not asking for this to turn into some anal retentive piece of hard sci-fi with the robots being boring automatons. I’m cool with them laughing and crying and loving and growing and all that… but to repeat another sentiment from you lunatics, it has gotten quite hard to keep track of who’s a robot, who’s cyborg, who’s a human and who’s whatever exists in between.

And that all only gets harder to keep straight the more, uh… dreamlike this show chooses to get.

Watch this episode, “The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have Left” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Nope you got it wrong she wasn't luna's sister she was one of luna's guardians sister i believe.

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@jj_jackson said:

Nope you got it wrong she wasn't luna's sister she was one of luna's guardians sister i believe.


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What I found most funny about this episode is that there's one of the only black guys in this entire show. He's just minding his buisness, you know, not existing, and he has to end up getting dream murdered! Were they reading TV Tropes while making this show?

I think the robots just adopt relations to one another in the Casshern world. I don't think any of them are cyborgs. I've never gotten the idea that they're anything other than obvious robots, or androids.

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This episode puts me off. I was startled by the live girl in this episode. Plus, it was boring and there was some weird molestation scene with Lyuze and a human. Wouldn't the guy feel something unnatural about Lyuze's body. She's a robot, so she must have a hard, metallic body. Or she could be some android with some silica gel for her bust.

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@takashichea: It was a dream. He wasn't feeling anything.

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