Caska is a anime/manga character in the Berserk franchise
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A capable warrior and the only female present in the Hawk's ranks. She is Guts love interest.

Caska first meets Guts after he breaks through the siege of a castle that Griffith's army was defending. She was one of the ones watching when Guts killed the Grey Knight. When Corkus and a few of his friends decide to ambush the traveling Guts she is forced to leap to their aid. Despite being the second best in the Hawks she is almost effortlessly beaten down by Gatts, who momentarily hesitates killing her by the stunning realization that she was actually a girl. After Guts is defeated and wounded by Griffith... Griffith orders Caska to keep Guts warm by sleeping beside him. When Guts comes to senses and exits the tent Caska promptly punches him exactly where Griffith had stabbed him. She is watching as Griffith tries to recruit Guts and is confused by Griffith's choice of words "I want you". When Guts draws his blade and Griffith agrees to settle things with power it is Caska, following Griffith's orders, that prevents the other hawks from shooting Guts in the back.

As the hawks grow in prestige Caska is right beside Guts and is very wary of him, stating on numerous occasions that he "knows only how to swing a sword". When the hawks are hired by the army of midland she ignores her... time of month... and takes to the battlefield anyway. Where she is effortlessly beaten down by the enemy general, Adonis. Guts arrives in time to keep her from being skeward. In the action of rescuing her Guts and she are both pitched off of a cliff, falling a great distance to the river below. Naturally, they survive. While Caska was unconcious Guts returns the favor she gave him early on and keeps her warm with his own body. Something Caska does not appreciate when she wakes up. As they attempt to find their way back Caska's 'condition' makes her far weaker than she usually is and Guts freely comments on this. When they are ambushed by a group of soldiers seeking revenge Guts fends off the vast majority of them, ordering her to run for it. Which she does rather reluctantly. This is the first time Caska starts to feel concern for Guts.

When they arrive back... Guts is now fully aware of Caska's affection for Griffith so he, in his typical blunt manner, shoves them together rather roughly (Guts slaps Caska on the rear).

After the assassination of Julius, when Guts attempts to leave. She is there along with the others, imploring Guts to stay. She finds herself praying that Griffith will defeat Guts again so that Guts would stay. Guts then defeats Griffith in one swing and leaves without looking back.

Later, when Caska has rounded up the surviving members of the hawks for an attempt to rescue Griffith, Guts arrives and saves the hawks from an ambush. She is initiallly furious with him, blaming him for Griffith's recklessness. She (of course) caves and admits that she has feelings for him.

After retriving Griffith from the tower basement and escorting him out of the city they are attacked by the Black Dog knights. Who happen to be led by an apostle. This apostle begins to rape Caska before Guts pulls a very classy move and cuts the apostle's johnson off. Guts then casually remarks at Caska's mostly nude state "You'll distract me like that" and orders her to back off. Guts kills the apostle, but only after the apostle reveals the nature of Griffith's condition to the entire band of the hawks.

When Griffith starts the eclipse, Guts is taken up to the top of the tower while Caska is stuck below in the midst of hundreds of apostles. Dozen by dozen her comrads fall around her until she is captured and raped by the numerous demons present. When Griffith becomes Femto his first action is to rape Caska again. As Guts watches, horrified, Caska says to him "Don't Watch".

After the Skull Knight rescues both Guts and Caska from the eclipse, and they both are mended in body. It is revealed that Caska was so traumatized by the events of the eclipse that she has forgotten everything before the eclipse, and is no longer capable of speech.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuko Miyamura
Carrie Keranen
Toa Yukinari
Rank Game #992 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Caska
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Berserk #4
1st anime episode: Berserk #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Casca
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