Casey is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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A young Pokemon trainer Ash encountered when he started his journey in Johto. Casey is a fan of baseball and her favorite team is the Electabuzz which is also her favorite Pokemon.

Powers & Abilities

Casey's First Pokemon. She received it from Professor Elm as a Chikorita. It was first seen in the episode The Double Trouble Header. It evolved into a Bayleef in The Bug Stops Here and later evolved into Meganium prior to Here's At Lookin' At You Elekid!. Its attack are Vine Whip, Tackle, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, and Body Slam.
BeedrillBeedrill was first seen in the episode The Bug Stops Here. It was by Ash in the Bug Catching Contest. Later he gave his Beedrill to Casey. Beedrill only attack is Twineedle.
ElekidElekid was first seen in Here's At Lookin' At You Elekid!. Its attacks Thunderbolt and Thunderpunch.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kerry Williams
Niina Kumagaya
General Information Edit
Name: Casey
Name: ナナコ
Romanji: Nanako
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon #118
1st anime movie:
Aliases Nanako
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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