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Case Closed is a franchise comprised of 20 movies, 3 anime series, 1 manga series
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Release Date: December 7

The adaptation will completely retell the story of the TV special, and last for 3 chapters. The Meitantei Conan: Shikkoku no Chaser manga by Yutaka Abe and Jirō Maruten will not appear during the special manga's serialization, and will restart in the magazine's first issue of 2014.

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Today’s returning guest is our good friend Angel and on this episode we are going to have a casual observational discussion on the longest and oldest running anime trends in Japan

For some of you this may sound like an episode where we tread the same old waters and discuss the most obvious of franchises….however you may be surprised to find there are more than a few shows that have never even passed Japanese borders and are more of a domestic hit than a more aware international one.

So with the help of Wikipedia and some sorting arrangements we take a somewhat brief look at the following lists……..take a look yourself folks it’s actually somewhat Intriguing

*Apologies for shaky audio quality at various points btw, technical difficulties were rampant for some reason!*


LIST OF LONGEST RUNNING MANGA TITLES (We didn’t get around to this sadly)



Familiar Titles Discussed:-

Chi's Sweet Home, Sgt Frog, Crayon Shin-chan, Zatch Bell, Kirby: RBAY, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ranma ½, Fairy Tail, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Toriko, Case Closed - Detective Conan

Unfamiliar Titles Discussed - which are actually the longest trending Anime Series

1. Sazae-san - 6197+ Episodes

2. Nintama Rantarō (Ninja Boy Rantaro) 1773+ Episodes

3. Ojarumaru (Prince Mackaroo) 1388+ Episodes

4. Soreike! Anpanman 1170+ Episodes

5. Chibi Maruko-chan 918+ Episodes

Before we end the podcast we do actually touch on the fact that in the western world having cartoon series trend for a long amount of time / episodes is not the norm. It seems like a much more character / franchise reboot model depending on how ratings go for an active series. Low ratings = show cancellation which usually sprouts room for a new “similar” project or a re-imagined series which may be more successful ala switching Young Justice for Teen Titans Go! / Beware the Batman.


It’s actually funny a detailed talk on Pokemon isn’t here.....however we actually did have a discussion on that BEAST franchise…sadly it was before we started recording so we forgot to bring it up again but of course the details are....

Pokemon has been running for 17 straight seasons totalling in a whopping 800+ episodes excluding movies, side stories, OVA’s etc actually making it the third longest running anime TV series that runs for over 20 mins an episode….and I would not be surprised at all if this eventually becomes the longest running anime series of all time in future

But yeah sorry Pokemon we do clearly recognize your MEGA status….forgive us! :oP

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Case Closed has become a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty as in as for some reason i think i shouldnt like it.Murder plots based on perfect timeing .The rampant child abuse not to mention the alcholism.An yet here i am just finishing 200th episode.Maybe its the in joke one inspector says about how Kogoro Mouri is cursed death follows him.. is it just him really tho.The whole familey seems to draw corpses like bugs to a zapper.

But here we are 150 more shows in. An i have to say i think the show could qualify as a media national treasure.Much like Batman is to america actualy.Its got just enuff grit not to put off kids an be something they can watch.. In jokes for the adults like The Jetsons an The flintstones used to.An murder lots an lots of murder.So made for adults but strong enuff for kids.

Its not the who done it or the how done it shows thats kept me watching. It has a formula in a way but breaks it every so often.Plus it has characters that come an go.Time passes an people are flawed not just writen that way but in looks.Sure the simplistic characture style took a while to get used to but later on it showcases a wide varity of people.Every one does not look the same.Thats a huge plus.

Sure the weeker shows are ones not from the manga it seems. But most are enjoyable in their own right.Over time we see telephones change to.Also computers.In many ways i can see how this show should have worked in the states.Actulay i think some things have ben cough borrowed cough from the show.None the less its been a intresting 200 episodes an i will continue to watch this murder maraton of mayhem.

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Thanks to YukiYoshi Sawada for the notice.

The famous Pop Idol group, AKB48, and Case Closed have this wonderful commercial for Glico's "Real Ice" fruit candies.

For those of you who are new to the Case Closed anime series, here's the plot summary.

It's about a young detective (Shinichi Kudo) who get attacked by some men in black and forced to take a drug. The drug cause him to revert back to a child. In order for Shinichi to get back to normal, he has to live with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri, and her father, Detective Kogoro Mouri, under a fake name, Conan Edogawa. Along the way, he solves every mystery while keeping his identity a secret to a few individuals. Once in while, Conan gets a chance to uncover secrets behind the organization that made the drug.

By the way, Atsuko Maeda plays Conan Edogawa's role.

Please enjoy the video!


Edit: I can't seem to find my Case Closed banner I uploaded months ago.

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Heya! The name's John. I'm not much of an anime junkie, but there are a few I like.

I'm not one of those anime enthusiasts who cosplay as fat versions of their favorite characters and learned Japanese and shout out to everyone that watching anime in its original language is the only way to watch it and will eye-roll at anyone who thinks otherwise. In short, I watch anime the way I want to.

That's about all for now. Not sure how often I'll be on the site, but if you want to hear more from me lemme know.


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The Case Closed franchise has another movie, Detective Conan: The 11th Striker.


Detective Mori gets a threatening phone call, and a car explodes. The threats continue as the suspect gives a riddle and threatens to bomb a soccer stadium. Will Conan solve the riddle and stop the culprit in time before innocent lives are killed?

Riddle/Code: "The Boy in Blue and The Blue Zebra, the rain from above..."

Can you figured out this riddle in the movie?

Featured Song: "Haru Uta" by Ikimono-gakari

Case Closed's Plot

For those who are new to Case Closed, the franchise revolves around Shinichi Kudo who follows the men in black. However, he gets caught and was forced to ingest some drug that shrinks his body. Shinichi takes on the identity of Edogawa Conan and lives with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri and her father. He helps them in solving cases with them while maintaining his secret identity.


Thank you.


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Super Duper Mini Review

Ghost Hunt (originally titled Akuryo Series) is anime adaptation of the manga of the same name, which is based on the light novels of the same name.  There are 25 episodes produced by J.C. Staff.

Show Info

Genres: comedy, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, supernatural, thriller
Themes: ghosts, occult, spirits, vampires

Plot Summary via Wikipedia

Ghost Hunt follows the ghost hunting adventures of Mai Taniyama, a first year high school student, who becomes involved with the Shibuya Psychic Research Center (SPR) and its young manager, Kazuya Shibuya. When Mai accidentally injures Shibuya's assistant Lin Koujo, and breaks an expensive video camera being used by SPR in an investigation at her school, she works as a part-time assistant with SPR to repay her debt.

Mai nicknames Kazuya Shibuya "Naru" because she believes he has a narcissistic attitude, and the nickname is generally adopted by all those who come to eventually work with SPR on their paranormal cases: a Buddhist monk, Houshou Takigawa; a shrine maiden, Ayako Matsuzaki; a famous psychic, Masako Hara; and Catholic Priest, John Brown. Later in the series, they are assisted by a third-year high school student, Osamu Yasuhara (who works as an assistant beside Mai) and by Mori Madoka, Naru's mentor.

Ghost Hunt also explores the paranormal abilities of the characters, particularly focusing on Mai's "latent psychic abilities," demonstrated by her dreaming about information relevant to their cases. She is often joined in her dreams by someone who she assumes to be Naru acting as a spirit guide, but whom is later revealed to be someone quite unexpected.

Pros and Cons

  • A likable cast of characters.
  • One of the shows that benefits from the episodic format.
  • The cases started a little simple, but got more complex over time.
  • The cases were enjoyable.  Really enjoyed the 2nd to last case.
  • One of the shows that losses it's magic after watching it a second time.  I will know exactly how the cases get solved.

Final Thoughts

An enjoyable occult detective show that's fun all the way through.

Who is this For

 If you enjoy episodic detective shows like Detective Conan or anything of the nature and don't mind supernatural stuff, will get a kick out of this show.
If you would like the watch the show, check it out over at Hulu.

Sources *Spoilers Abound*


Don't forget to check out my ongoing blog for my Super Duper Mini Reviews and my written reviews.            :) 

Q: What's a Super Duper Mini Review?
A: Well, since I'm done with long, written reviews for now, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I watch.  For some info about the show like genre, plot summary, etc., I borrow (mainly copy and paste  :P) some info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia or the Anime Vice wiki.  So people wont think I'm plagiarizing, I do post sources.
Q:  Why are these blogs so short and half assed?
A:  Well, I want to put in as little effort as possible.  Why?  Cause I'm lazy.
Q:  Do you care if people don't read these?
A:  Kinda.  One of the main things that keeps me making these things is so I can spread the word of shows/mangas that people aren't aware of.
Q: Sometimes there a few or no cons, does that mean the show is perfect?
A: No.  Usually when I make these, I like to highlight the things I liked more then the negatives.  I'm one of those people who enjoys just about anything as long as it's entertaining.  I can easily look past a show's faults if I find enjoyment from it.  Remember, nothing is perfect.

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I thought I would take the time to share with you two more of the Quizzes that are from the Detective Conan movies. These ones are fairly hard. I didn't have the best understanding of the solutions until I was studying Japanese.

Quiz 1

Detective Conan Captured in Her Eyes (Movie 4)

This quiz was a bit different then in the other movies. In these movie the Detective Boys gang had thought up a quiz themselves that they were sure was going to stump Conan. This is the challenge they gave Conan, and Ayumi was the one that read it off.
" When Haibara was asked what kind of person you [Conan] are... She looked to the Moon and said, ' He's not Summer. '. "
Did Haibara....
  1. Compliment Conan
  2. Criticize Conan



Quiz 2

Detective Conan The Private Eye's Requiem (Movie 10)

This quiz was actually give to the kids in the movie by Ran. They were waiting in a long line at an amusement park for a popular roller coaster called "Super Snake". To keep entertain them, she posed this quiz.

" Everyone wants the ride the SUPER SNAKE at least once amongst all of you. Who is the most suited for this attraction? "
  1. Ai Haibara
  2. Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
  3. Genta Kojima
  4. Ayumi Yoshida
 (see the image for pictures of each)


Told you these were some difficult ones. I think the first one on this makes a lot more sense when they show it onscreen. The graphics help.
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