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Case Closed has become a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty as in as for some reason i think i shouldnt like it.Murder plots based on perfect timeing .The rampant child abuse not to mention the alcholism.An yet here i am just finishing 200th episode.Maybe its the in joke one inspector says about how Kogoro Mouri is cursed death follows him.. is it just him really tho.The whole familey seems to draw corpses like bugs to a zapper.

But here we are 150 more shows in. An i have to say i think the show could qualify as a media national treasure.Much like Batman is to america actualy.Its got just enuff grit not to put off kids an be something they can watch.. In jokes for the adults like The Jetsons an The flintstones used to.An murder lots an lots of murder.So made for adults but strong enuff for kids.

Its not the who done it or the how done it shows thats kept me watching. It has a formula in a way but breaks it every so often.Plus it has characters that come an go.Time passes an people are flawed not just writen that way but in looks.Sure the simplistic characture style took a while to get used to but later on it showcases a wide varity of people.Every one does not look the same.Thats a huge plus.

Sure the weeker shows are ones not from the manga it seems. But most are enjoyable in their own right.Over time we see telephones change to.Also computers.In many ways i can see how this show should have worked in the states.Actulay i think some things have ben cough borrowed cough from the show.None the less its been a intresting 200 episodes an i will continue to watch this murder maraton of mayhem.

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