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Carol is a teenage girl who notices music disappearing from the world-at first minor annoyances like the chimes of Big Ben or the sound of her father's cello, but then a major crisis when her favorite band, Gaball Screen, loses its music. Transported to the alternate dimension of Lapaz Lupaz, she joins forces with heroes Clark, Tico, and Flash to prevent monsters from stealing songs from Earth.

Naoto Kine, guitarist with the Japanese prefab pop band TM Network, supposedly wrote the original novel of Carol himself. Filtered through Earthian-creator Koga and scenarist Miyashita before it was ready for the screen, the end result still became the best-selling anime video of the year in Japan. The sunglasses-wearing Tico is modeled on Kine himself, with lead singer Takashi Utsunomiya providing the model for Flash, and keyboardist-producer Tetsuya Komuro inspiring Clark. As with the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, but unlike the similar pop-promo anime Humane Society, the band's voices are provided by actors. Another of Kine's literary outpourings, Junkers Come Here, was animated in 1994.

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Name: Carol
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1990
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 60 (mins)
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