Carly Nagisa

Carly Nagisa is a anime/manga character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise
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She is an unsuccessful and clumsy reporter. She also has a crush on Jack Atlas. She was at a time turned into a dark signer when she was blown off a building during her fight with the head of the Arcadia Movement.



When Carly was younger she often to pictures of other kids playing due monsters.  One young girl asked her if she wanted to become a journalist although she was unsure at the time. She came to know a woman name Angela as her rival.  It is believed that they attended the same high school. The also attended Prom, but nobody would dance with Carly.  Judging by Carly's own words she began poor ad didn't want to return to that life. She ended up as a blogger rather than a reporter.

Spending time with Carly

After the fortune cup Carly later see Misty who took off  her glasses revealing what she believes is her own demise.  

Jack X Carly time

  • Carly sneaks into the hospital dressed as nurse to see Jack who is dueling Trudge, but due to his wounded arm he can't do much so Carly helps him duel.
  • After finding out Trudge was turned into a Dark Signer Carly return to her  home with the injured Jack.
  • When Carly tries to write a article about Jack she can't because she doesn't want to hurt Jack.
  • Jack goes on a "date" with Carly to repay her for all the help, but leaves after it towards a tower in which Jack expresses his feelings about what a fool he was as the king and Carly comforts him.


Dark Signer 

 Dark Signer Carly
 Dark Signer Carly
After a duel with the arcadia movement Carly is reborn as a dark signer and leaves with Misty. She returns back on the scenes again when Jack comes to duel her. Now she has a alternate vengeful personality. Despite that the regular Carly is still in there and Jacks wants to bring it out.  

 "If you want to hear the answer then come find me, my precious Jack" 
-Carly after all the Dark Signers and Signers meet

She also comes back with a D Wheeler somehow allowing her to duel Jack through a ridding Duel.   As they duel Carly shows Jack a vision of both of them as Dark Signers and ruling domino like a real king and queen. This actually successful pressures Jack at first as he does wish to be king again, but he soon realizes his true desires to save Carly and will risk anything to get it. Sadly Jack life points are clunked out when Carly summons her Earthbound Immortal " Aslla Piscu"    Luckily it was worth it because Jack is able to reach Carly, but just as soon as he does her Earthbound Immortal completely overwhelms her. She is then forced to duel.  Fiannly Jack is given no other choice than to beat her.  

Before World Riding Grand Prix

Carly is then seen at the premiere event of the WRGP taking pictures. When Jack is arrested when they find out about a second Jack Atlas Carly attempts to stop the press from writing articles, but the press refuses.  Still believing in Jack she investigates and finds out about 2 Jacks. She begins searching for him.  When she finds him he is dueling the impostor Jack. 


During the preliminary rounds Carly, Mina and and a girl named Stephanie cheer Jack on. When he is defeated and badly injured they all rush Jack to the hospital.  Carly stays with him until he awakens.  When he does she informs him about Team 5D's stats now allowing Jack run and cheer Yusei on.


Carly attend the Grand Prix and is present when Jack arrives on the scene. 


Carly has a fortune telling deck that tells her what to do and what plan of action too take, but it fails a lot. This deck is full of cards called "Fortune Fairies" 
As a dark signer her "Fortune Fairies" became "Fortune Ladies" who appear older, stronger, and hotter than her previous versions. They have good effects especially when activated with "Future Visions" and the power of her Earthbound Immortal. It is unknown what happened to these cards after Rex Goodwin resurrected her.
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Veronica Taylor
General Information Edit
Name: Carly Nagisa
Name: カーリー渚
Romanji: Kārī Nagisa
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's #27
1st anime movie:
Aliases Carly Carmine
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