Captain is a anime/manga character in the Black Lagoon franchise
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The sadistic captain of the Extra Order mercenary company. He was hired by Kageyama to kill Rokuro Okajima and anyone who could of learned of Asahi Heavy Industries' corruption.


The captain is the leader of the Extra Order (E.O) mercenary group from the Black Lagoon anime and manga. Along with the other E.O. men, he's a career killer who has seen action in Liberia and has developed a taste for good fights. He has zero concern for collateral damage or civilian casualties and will do anything to get the job done as long as he can enjoy it. If his targets don't put up a good fight, he sees to torturing them for wasting his time.

Major Story Arcs

The Black Lagoon

The captain and his mercenary group act as the major antagonists of the first arc in the Black Lagoon series. When Extra Order is contacted by Kageyama to destroy an incriminating disk stolen from Asahi Heavy Industries, he is sent out to find the disk and kill anyone in possession of it. This includes Rokuro Okajima (Rock), who is nothing more than a hostage of Lagoon Company at this point. The captain and his men shoot up the Yellow Flag bar and kill dozens of civilians in the process but fail to stop Revy, Dutch, Benny, and Rock from escaping. He takes it well, excited at the thought of a real challenge.

"I can smell em&squot;. It&squot;s them alright."
"I can smell em'. It's them alright."

He catches up to them at sea where he comes back piloting an attack helicopter. Even though he's better armed and more maneuverable than Lagoon Company's torpedo boat, he plays with them instead of making an easy kill. It gives Rock enough time to come up with a plan that exploits the captain's "cowboy" behavior. The captain is then killed in a game of chicken when Lagoon Company ramp their boat off a sunken ship and shoot his helicopter down with a torpedo.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Paul Dobson
Masahiko Tanaka
General Information Edit
Name: Captain
Name: 大尉
Romanji: taii
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Black Lagoon #1
1st anime episode: Black Lagoon #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases E.O. Captain
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