Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is an anime series in the Captain Tsubasa franchise
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Tsubasa Ozora has literally been playing soccer since he was a baby. Moving to a new town, he immediately joins the junior team, which has former Brazilian international player Roberto Honma as a coach. Much like his tennis counterpart in Aim for the Ace, Tsubasa progresses through the various levels of his chosen sport until he and his friends (a superfast striker, a wily tactician, and a gifted goalkeeper) face the best in the world.

CT was not the first soccer anime; that honor goes to Red-Blooded Eleven, but it remains the best-known. Even though only 4% of the Japanese population participated in soccer at the beginning of the 1980s, Yuichi Takahashi's CT manga polled twice as high as Fist of the North Star in the pages of Shonen Jump. The TV series was a foregone conclusion, cunningly kept alive by a periodic resetting to zero of the hero's achievements. Fifty-six episodes into the series in 1984, Tsubasa graduated to middle school, allowing the earlier, junior victories to be set aside for a clean slate and a new set of struggles that would take a further 72 weeks. Four short theatrical outings followed-CT: Great European Challenge and CT: Japanese Junior Championship in 1985, CT: Run Toward Tomorrow and CT: The Junior World Cup in 1986. This last film was the beginning of an updated series, New CT, directed by Osamu Sekita and eventually going straight to video in 1989. Now playing for the national youth team, Tsubasa learns many trick shots from his foreign opponents, including the Italians and French, before finally playing for the ultimate prize against West Germany.

In 1993, reality caught up with fiction, as a professional Japanese soccer league was finally established, an opportunity exploited in Shoot!, Kickers, and Free Kick for Tomorrow, but surprisingly not by CT-after the one-shot video Holland Youth (1995) Tsubasa faded away, only to return in a new 2001 TV series, cashing in on the 2002 World Cup.

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Name Captain Tsubasa
Name: キャプテン翼
Romaji: Kyapten Tsubasa
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1983
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Aliases Flash Kicker
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