Captain Tennille Imposter

Captain Tennille Imposter is a anime/manga character in the JoJo's Bizarre adventures franchise
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The Captain Tennille Imposter is the stand user of Dark Blue Moon.


The Captain Tennille Imposter was sent to Hong Kong by Enya Geil in order to kill Jotaro and his group. He then killed the real captain Tennille, who looked similar to him, planted explosives on the boat and waited for the group to arrive.


The Captain Tennille Imposter was created by Hirohiko Araki, the author and illustrator of series, as a major character of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's third arc, Stardust Crusaders. His identity is based on the American musical duo Captain & Tennille.

Character Evolution


He is a tall, muscular man with yellowish hair. While trying to impersonate Captain Tennille, he wears a skin tight blue shirt, a red cloth around his neck, two white gloves with black bands, a pair of white pants and a ship captains hat. When his true identity was revealed, his pupils shrink and both eyes roll upwards slightly.


The imposter is man who keeps his calm disposition while fighting his opponents and constantly guesses their thoughts. He is also somewhat careful for having a backup plan in case he was defeated.

Major Story Arc

Stardust Crusaders

The imposter uses his Stand Dark Blue Moon to attack Jotaro while he was trying to save the runaway girl Ann. After the group begins to settle down, the imposter appears while under the guise of Captain Tennille in order to subdue Ann for being a stowaway. However, Jotaro soon accuses him of being the Stand user after he puts out his cigarette. He then falls for Jotaro's trick and reveals himself to be an imposter. He then captures Ann and tries to jump into the ocean but Jotaro attacks and seemingly defeats him before he could fall in. However, it is revealed that he used Jotaro's attack as an opportunity to create and plant acorn barnacles onto him. The barnacles then begin to drain Star Platinum's strength which causes Jotaro to plummet into the water. The imposter then creates a whirlpool in order to trap Jotaro and cut him with Dark Blue Moon's razor sharp scales. Before he could deliver the final blow, Jotaro concentrates the remainder of Star Platinum's power into its index fingers and rips off half of Dark Blue Moon's and the imposter's head. Before he dies, the imposter sets off the explosion he planted on the ship in order to slow them down.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lung Capacity- The imposter has three times the lung capacity of the average human and can stay underwater for six minutes and twenty-one seconds at best.


Dark Blue Moon

Destructive PowerC
Developmental PotentialD


A blue, humanoid Stand with a flat head, four yellow eyes, fins, webbed appendages and jaws. It also has scales covering some parts of its body.


  • Swimming Speed- Being a marine Stand, Dark Blue Moon can move more quickly in water than any fish and can generate easily generate whirlpools due to its speed.
  • Removable Scales- Dark Blue Moon can use it scales as projectiles in order to cut apart a target. It scales are sharp enough to destroy a ship engine.
  • Acorn Barnacle Creation- Dark Blue Moon creates acorn barnacles and attaches it to a targets skin when contact is made. These barnacles can spread through out the targets body and sap away their strength.

Other Media

Video Games

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Enemy) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future (Enemy in a Mini-game) on the PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and Arcade.
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters (Playable) on IOS/Android
General Information Edit
Name: Captain Tennille Imposter
Name: 偽キャプテン・テニール
Romanji: Nise Kyaputen Tenīru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #14
1st anime episode: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders #6
1st anime movie:
Aliases Captain Tennille
Captain Teneil
Captain Dragon
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