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The future: the world has turned to desert, and the small towns that survive are surrounded by empty wastelands filled with monsters and demons. Water sources are scarce and either controlled by villains or haunted by dangerous creatures. Control of water is power, and the remnant of humanity scavenges a living patching up the advanced technology of the past. While it might sound like the preamble to Fist of the North Star, it is actually the background for a children's show, as 11-year-old Kuppa and his faithful robot companion Dram fear nothing-except Yukke, an engineering genius who bosses her younger brother about mercilessly. They are menaced by villain Bibimba, who hunts treasure hunters and has made them his top target; but a more serious threat to their world may be the handsome and mysterious Samgetan, Yukke's love interest. She doesn't know it but he's an older man-3,500 years older, who has been observing human history all this time, waiting for the moment to strike. Created by Toshio Tanigami for a spin-off of the anthology Corocoro Comic, this is a cheerful, harmless adventure series.

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General Information Edit
Name Captain Kuppa
Romaji: Sabaku no Kaizoku Captain Kuppa
Publisher ?
Start Year 2001
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Aliases Captain Kuppa Desert Pirate
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