Canterlot Characters

Canterlot is a anime/manga location
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DJ Pon-3

DJ Pon-3 is a Unicorn Disc Jockey.


Discord is the spirit of disharmony that seeks revenge on Celestia and Luna for imprisoning him.

Lyra Heartstrings

A popular background Pony who is seen with Sweetie Drops (Bon Bon) in various episodes.

Princess Cadance

The niece of Princess Celestia who was the foal-sitter of Twilight Sparkle when she was young and is married to Twilight's older brother Shining Armor.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the ruler of Equestria and Twilight Sparkle's mentor.

Princess Luna

Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's younger sister and co-ruler of Equestria. She was previously the antagonist Nightmare Moon.

Shining Armor

Twilight Sparkle's older brother who is Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard and is married to Princess Cadance.


Soarin' is a member of the Wonderbolts.

Twilight Sparkle

Princess Celestia's student, who is sent to Ponyville to get her head out of her books to make some friends. She represents the element of magic.

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