Can't Stop Can't Stop Can't Stop

Can't Stop Can't Stop Can't Stop is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 09/02/2012
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The group is learning to be more honest with their desires, except for Inaba. Heartseed decides to pay her a special visit at home.
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Plot Summary

Iori rushes to the clubroom to meet with Taichi, who had messaged her to tell her he had something to tell her. He admitted to her that he is very headstrong, and that he was a selfish jerk, and that in order to protect people, he distanced himself while under heartseed's infuence. However, he told her that the more he was away from them, the more he realized that he wanted to be by their side, and asks Iori, while on his knees, if he can stay by her side. Iori smiles and sheds a few tears, telling him that he isn't the only one trying hard.

Afterwards while drinking tea, he tells Iori that he intends to try to get everyone back together. they decide between themselves that Iori will talk to Inaba, while Taichi talks to Aoki. When Taichi talks to Aoki in the classroom, Aoki sounds solemn, but after Taichi apoligizes, Aoki moans that he was beaten to the punch, and apoligizes himself, saying that he avoided them because he couldn't handle the truth of being useless. Iori comes into the classroom, and says she wasn't able to tell Inaba anything, and that she was going to try again later at her home. The guys decide that it's too early for them to join along, so they decide to leave school.

On their way, they decide to sit and talk in the grass, and decide that they can only help Yui if she wants to be helped, and that they should be able to stop her if she has an episode. Taichi also tells him of how he managed to help Yui overcome some of her Androphobia by taking Aoki's advice by using the new opportunities that the body swapping gave them. Aoki then gets an Idea how to help Yui.

Aoki imagines Yui in sexy outfits
Aoki imagines Yui in sexy outfits

Taichi and Aoki go to Yui's home and talk with her. Aoki tries to convince her to come back to school. initially, she hesitates, saying that she doesnt want to hurt people if she loses control. Aoki tells her that there is a way to control yourself, if you try hard enough. he tests it by telling her that he loves her, but also has a dirty mind. at first she is disgusted with him, but he tells her that his ironclad determination is stopping him from doing anything lewd. He tells her to spend the night in a love hotel with him. when she asks why she would put herself in danger, he says that nothing would happen and that the last thing he would want to do is hurt her.

Taichi steps in and tells her that before the incident, she had never hurt anybody with karate, since she only used it in tournaments. he tells her that after hurting Iori, he knows how it feels, and that her desire not to hurt someone should overcome her instinct to fight. She then says that she'll return to school, and asks that they would stop her if anything were to happen to her. Aoki tells her that she should say it a different way. she then asks them to protect her, and Aoki goes on one knee, and tells her he'd be honored.

The next day, Himiko, at home leaving for school, gets a call from Iori, but doesn't answer. her brother asks her if she is alright, but she brushes it off and leaves. Yui, when she reaches school, gets a hug from Iori and gets surrounded by her classmates and Mr Goto, who said they missed her, and had considered the thought of coming by her to visit her when she was absent.

Aoki's hunger makes him lose control
Aoki's hunger makes him lose control

Later, in the clubroom, Yui had brought supplies, but had an episode at the supermarket, and spent all of her monthly allowance buying a heap of supplies. As Taichi was explaining that it was too late to return them, Aoki has an episode and rushes Yui for her mitarashi dango. After Taichi takes a bite from a sandwich, Iori loses control and wants his sandwich. then Yui loses control, and finally Taichi realizing that it was their hunger that caused them, he loses control as well.

Himeko meets Yui while leaving, who says she's got over what Himeko had told her, and to return to the clubroom. later that evening, Heartseed visits Himeko at her home controlling Mr Goto. first, he asks her if she has been surfing the internet, a habit she had when she was in middle school, due to her having no friends then. he then tells her to stop "hiding in her room", and that simply going to school is not going to be sufficient for him to not stir things up. he tells her that she believes that if her atmosphere with her friends is destroyed, she'd want to destroy the whole world, and it is keeping her from becoming herself. he then prods her about something she values more than her friends' atmosphere, and makes her react when he asks her if she has someone she cares for deeply. He then begins to leave, telling her that he only came to visit her, and that she should stop hiding in her room. The next day, the field trip occurs, and for the first time in a while, Himeko talks to both Taichi and Iori, telling them she wasn't going to miss the field trip, and then they leave on the buses.


  • Japanese Name: "Tomaranai Tomaranai Tomaranai" (止まらない止まらない止まらない)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Cry Out" by Team Nekokan feat. Atsuko

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