Canaan is a anime/manga character in the CANAAN franchise
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A mercenary with the power of "Synesthesia" who was raised by a kind soldier named Siam. Her only real friend is Maria.

 Canaan is a middle eastern mercenary operating in Shanghai and is able to use synesthesia.    


 Canaan as a child
 Canaan as a child
When she was a child, Canaan’s village in the Middle East was destroyed by war. She was the only survivor and was on the verge of death before being rescued by Siam, a mercenary who took part in the events that lead to the destruction of Canaan’s village. He adopted Canaan and trained her to become a mercenary. Canaan develops a father-child relation with Siam a felt a great deal of respect towards him. This would not last long though, as Siam was killed by his other trainee, Alphard. Canaan swore to kill Alphard and avenge the death of her mentor.

She became a mercenary and started taking on various dangerous jobs. One of these took her to a village in west Asia, where she meets Maria Oosawa who becomes her first friend since the death of Siam. 

Two years after the events on the village, Canaan is sent to Shanghai to investigate and stop a terrorist organization known as Snake, which was lead by her nemesis Alphard. In Shanghai, she meets Maria again and teams up with her and her partner Minoru Minorikawa to uncover the mysteries behind Snake and the borners.       

She tries to fight Alphard several times while in Shanghai, but she is blinded by her desires of revenge and is easily defeated. 
Her quest takes her to the village where she first met Maria. There she learns that the UA Virus attack was planned in order to artificially develop synesthesia, the power she possesses and that Alphard is trying to use the borners as a biological weapon. 

She must now stop Alphard while at the same time protect Maria and avenge her dead mentor. 



 Canaan's eyes when using synesthesia  
 Canaan's eyes when using synesthesia  
Canaan is able to use synesthesia, an ability that allows her to combine her senses, she can for example hear colors, watch sounds and taste an object by touching it, making it easy for her to locate other people and dodge bullets among other things. Using this for long periods of time results in exhaustion.   

She is also an expert in combat and a skilled markswoman as a result of her years training with Siam. 


  • Her white hair is a result of the combination of her synesthesia and the UA virus she was exposed to. 
  • She values Maria more than anything in the world and will do anything and kill anyone to save her.
  • She enjoys playing with Maria when not working.  
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Miyuki Sawashiro
Shelley Calene-Black
General Information Edit
Name: Canaan
Name: カナン
Romanji: Kanan
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: CANAAN #1
1st anime movie:
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