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I know a lot of you-- even regular Type-Moon fans --weren't too enamored with CANAAN, the recent TV anime created by Type-Moon's co-founders, Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi and based on their Wii visual novel 428: Fuusasareta Shibuya De. It's really a shame, since the game was one of the small number to ever receive a perfect score from Famitsu.

But even if you didn't like the show, you might have liked some of the music. I myself am rather fond of the opening theme, faylan's Mind as Judgment-- which is now available on iTunes, says J-anisong's MySpace. Also up: the ending theme, "My Heaven," by Annabel, and insert song "China Kibun de High Tension!," by Nene. Here are the OP and ED:

Check 'em out! Who's going to go buy them? I would buy the OP, but I'm deathly afraid of buying music on iTunes. :D
Via the Otaku Review.
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Is it just me, but the OP always reminded me of a Kamen Rider OP.
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428 wasn't made by Type Moon or written by them at all. They only wrote a bonus scenario that you could unlock after beating most of the main game. Takeuchi's only contribution to CANAAN was base character designs initially, but even those were taken over by various P.A. Works artists. And to my knowledge Kinoko had almost nothing to do with writing after the inital set up.
Basically "CANAAN" is about as Type Moon as "Girl's Work".
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