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CANAAN is an anime series in the CANAAN franchise
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Beautiful and deadly leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, the main rival of Canaan after killing her mentor. She claims her biggest strength is not giving in to emotional impulses like Canaan.


A mercenary with the power of "Synesthesia" who was raised by a kind soldier named Siam. Her only real friend is Maria.


Member of the Snakes who constantly gets abused by Liang Qi and her capgun, but otherwise is quite professional about getting the job done.


A borner with the ability to inflict brain damage with her voice, she's a cosplay waiter living under Santana's care

Liang Qi

Exhibitionist and member of the Snakes who constantly calls herself Alphard's sister. Liang tries everything she can to prove her love to her sister, but it seems to be an unrequited love.

Maria Oosawa

Aspiring photojournalist who shouts "sugoi!" a lot. A girl who was infected with the Ua Virus two years ago but survived thanks to an anti-virus made by her father. Also appears to be Canaan's only real friend.

Minoru Minorikawa

Journalist and Maria's superior. Stuck in Shanghai covering an anti-terrorism conference but ends up trying to find the truth about Borners and the Ua Virus.


A former CIA agent who participated in the UA virus attack and now owns a cosplay cafe in Shanghai taking care of Hakkoh


The mentor of both Canaan and Alphard

Taxi Driver

The world's most amazing taxi driver.


Chinese girl and comic-relief character with a lot of part-time jobs. Yunyun is a Borner whose power is having two appendices.

Yuri Natsume

Canaan's employer. She works for the CIA.

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