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A group of Tokyoites are drawn together by a series of strange events. These include, among other things, a detective, a writer, a virus researcher, and a...catgirl?


Canaan is an adaptation of the Wii visual novel 428: Fūsasareta Shibuya de by Type Moon, creators of the successful Fate/Stay Night series. It was first revealed at the 2008 Tokyo game show under the name of 428: The Animation but it was subsequently changed in December of that year to Canaan.

It’s directed by Masahiro Ando, animated by P.A. Works and produced by SEGA with character design by Kanami Sekiguchi. The music is done by Nanase hikaru, who also worked in Galaxy Angel and Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom.  


Two years have passed since a terrorist group known as “The Snakes” attacked a small Asian village with a biological weapon known as the “UA virus”. The survivors of the attack are left with secondary effects that include eternal youth and two appendixes as a result of the mutation caused by the virus. These survivors are referred to as “borners” and are being used by the Snakes for their experiments.

In Shanghai, a mercenary known as Canaan has been hired by a secret organization to find out and stop the plans of the Snakes. Meanwhile, Maria Oosawa, a reporter and old friend of Canaan and her partner Minoru Minorikawa are also in Shanghai  to cover the International Anti-Terrorism Conference in the city but soon find themselves trying to uncover the truth behind the borners and the snakes, making themselves targets of Liang Qi and Alphard, the heads of the terrorist organization. 
Maria and Minoru team up with Canaan in their search for the truth, which makes them meet Santana, a former CIA agent who was part of the experiments made to the infected villagers and now runs a bar in Shanghai where he takes care borners and Umblooms (infected people who didn’t mutate but are extremely vulnerable to UV rays and any kind of outside noise) to find refuge. Hakkoh, an infected woman who can inflict brain damage with her voice and is now living under Santana’s care and Yunyun, an eccentric borner who didn’t gain any special ability and was being used by Liang Qi as a spy until she befriends Canaan and Maria. 

Their quest takes them to a factory where the attacked village used to be, a place where the snakes conduct their experiments, among other places and will lead to the final decisive battle between Canaan and Alphard.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Masahiro Ando
Takashi Takeuchi

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Name: カナン
Romaji: Canaan
Publisher ?
Start Year 2009
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Aliases 428 the animation
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