Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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One of the highest ranking members of Fairy Tail, Cana is known for her magic cards and her heavy drinking.


Cana when she was younger.
Cana when she was younger.

Cana has been a member of Fairy Tail ever since she was a child. At a very young age, she joined the guild to meet and be fostered by her father Gildartz, in accordance to her mother's will after she had passed away. But when Cana came face-to-face with him, not only did he not recognize her, but he gave her little attention (possibly because he did not know anything about this), which made it harder for her to tell him the truth. Nonetheless, she became determined to tell him once she became an S-Class mage and in the in flashbacks we see that as a child she was far more stable and even provided a great deal of support to Gray, Erza, and other members of the guild.

Cana's first appearance
Cana's first appearance

When we first see Cana in the present, she is seen joining the scuffles and fights between the members of Fairy Tail and doing nothing to stop their fun. But she still shows some level of authority as she scolds Gray for not wearing any clothes, saying that he should act more mature, which she then follows by drinking down an entire barrel of beer.

Fairy Tail Stamp Location: She has a black stamp left of her belly button.


Cana, a character created by Hiro Mashima, has been the longest member of the Fairy Tail guild out of all the current generation members. Her name came from Arcana from the tarot cards and interestingly, in Brazil, Cana is a slang term for cachaça, which is the most popular drink of that county, and Flor de Caña is a type of rum. Also, her surname, Alberona came from a town in a province of Foggia located in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. Like other Fairy Tail characters who look similar to those from Mashima's previous work, Rave Master, Cana bears a striking resemblance to Lasanga, a hotel manager in the story. One last intriguing fact is that her magic seal in the anime looks similar to Happy's and Loke's (in his human form).
She made her first appearance in Chapter 2 of the manga and Episode 2 of the anime. She is voiced by Eri Kitamura in the Japanese version and Jamie Marchi in the English version.

Major Story Arcs

Phantom Lord Arc

The first time that Cana is actually seen fighting or playing a large part in the storyline is after the rival guild, Phantom Lord, attacks Fairy Tail. The guild retaliates by taking the fight to them, and we get to see that Cana use her magic to form a wide variety of attacks and powers. She can combine different cards together to create different kinds of elemental attacks. But until now, all we had seen of her powers was her ability to foretell the future using these cards.

Cana helps defend Fairy Tail against Phantom Lord
Cana helps defend Fairy Tail against Phantom Lord

After Makarov is defeated and Fairy Tail is left without a leader, Cana, Mirajane, and Erza step in to help run the guild until he gets back on his feet. Cana takes it upon herself to try and contact Laxus and get him to return and help in the fight against Phantom Lord. He refuses and says he will only come back if Cana strips for him and Lucy becomes his woman. Mirajane cuts the call short at this point, refusing to let something like that happen. However shortly after this Fairy Tail is attacked once again by Phantom Lord, Cana helps fight them off while Natsu's team goes to confront the enemy directly.

Fighting Festival

The Miss Fairy Tail Pageant

Cana's appearance in the Miss Fairy Tail pageant.
Cana's appearance in the Miss Fairy Tail pageant.

During the annual Harvest Festival, Fairy Tail held its annual "Miss Fairy Tail" pageant to determine who was the most beautiful member of the guild. Cana agreed to compete in this so she could use the prize money to buy more booze. She was one of the first contestants and she wowed the audience by using her cards to transform her clothes into a bikini. However this pageant was cut short by Evergreen, one of Laxus's bodyguards returning as part of his plan to take over the guild, who used her magic eyes to turn all the members of the pageant into stone statues.

The Battle For Fairy Tail

Cana's rage.
Cana's rage.

Erza eventually escapes this spell and defeats Evergreen, freeing Cana and the other women, who got out and joined the battle against Laxus. She and Juvia find Fried, the man who used his rune magic to imprison all members of the guild and created a magical barrier to close off the entire town. Before they fight him, he captures the two of them in one of his barriers, each of which have their own rules, and the rules of this barrier was that whoever was inside could not leave until only one of them was rendered unable to fight. Juvia does the noble thing and sacrifices herself without fighting Cana so that she could escape to fight Fried. Full of rage, Cana takes on Fried, but is easily defeated. Luckily Mirajane shows up in time to save her.

The Fantasia Parade

Cana in the Fantasia Parade.
Cana in the Fantasia Parade.

After Laxus' defeat, Cana and everyone else in Fairy Tail take part in the Fantasia Parade.

Edolas Arc

Cana is hardly seen before Fairy Tail is transported to the alternate reality of Edolas and all the members of the guild are turned into Lacrima Crystals. However, we are introduced to the Edolas version of Cana, and she is the complete opposite of her. She is fully dressed, very shy, and refuses to drink any alchohol.

S-Class Trial Arc

Cana passed out drunk.
Cana passed out drunk.

When Cana became unusually depressed, Lucy found out that she wanted to quit Fairy Tail without providing a reason. Confused and worried, Lucy went to tell Mirajane who just stated that she always acted like this during this time of the year. Following their conversation, Cana was announced as one of the candidates for the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial by Makarov. Still in her depressed state, Lucy found her in an alley drunk and decided to bring her home. Cana explained that she had been depressed because she had failed the examination four times despite being the eldest member of Fairy Tail. She continued saying that she had to become an S-Class mage this year in order to meet "that person" and that if she did not, she would quit the guild for real. As she told her entire story to Lucy, Lucy was struck with horror and offers to become her partner in the trial (which was a requirement).

As everyone headed toward Tenrou Island, the location of their trial, Makarov showed up to explain the first part of the exam which was to choose a path, where they would either have to battle and win against another team, Erza, Gildartz or Mirajane or walk through a quiet path in order to advance. Once the trial started, Fried cast a rune on the boat which prevented some of the other contestants from leaving until the spell was released after 5 minutes. As soon as it did, Cana and Lucy were the last ones to reach the island, forcing them to chose the remaining path.

First part of the exam passed!
First part of the exam passed!

Upon entering a cave, the duo encounter Fried and Bixlow as their opponents. After both realize their unlucky situation, Fried, who seemed to have a soft spot for women in bikinis, tells Cana and Lucy to put some clothes on before fighting. Taking note of his supposed weakness, Cana uses her magic to distract Fried by releasing a swarm of women in bikinis from her cards. Bixlow, unaffected by their tactic, uses his dolls to attack them. Cana then attempts to use one of her cards to release strong beams of water but the dolls dodge it. Lucy, taking advantage of the water from Cana's magic, summons Aquarius who creates a powerful wave of water to flood the entire cave. Once the water subsides, both Fried and Bixlow are seen to be knocked out, allowing Cana and Lucy to move on to the next stage of the exam.

Cana and Lucy running for their lives.
Cana and Lucy running for their lives.

As all the winning teams meet up, Cana and Lucy are surprised to see only four remaining groups. When they find out that Evergreen and Elfman encountered Mirajane on their path, they cringe at the thought of her demon powers. But they are shocked when they see the mentioned team approaching them, raising questions as to how they defeated Mirajane. After everyone was present and accounted for, Makarov explained the second part of the exam which was to find the grave of Fairy Tail's first master, Mavis Vermilion. During this part, Cana and Lucy learned that the island was filled with insanely powerful and dangerous creatures as they were chased by a giant gecko-like animal. Once they lost the creature, Cana was trying to find some clues as to how to find the grave. Lucy, who was trying to come up with something, figures out the location of the grave and both run towards their destination, unknowing that Gray and Loke were spying on them to find the same answer.

On their way to the grave, they notice a red flash in the sky indicating the temporary halt of the exam. Although Cana refuses to stop, Gray shows up and states that there's no other choice. Soon after, a hoard of mages from the Grimoire Heart guild fall from the sky and Cana, Lucy, Gray and Loke prepare for battle. But just then Caprico approaches them and dismisses his fellow members stating that he alone will take care of them. After learning that his magic only affects humans, Loke decides to take him on and tells the others to go on ahead. After reluctantly accepting this, Cana proposes they split up but Gray refutes saying that this isn't the time especially when strong enemies like Caprico are still present on the island. She then counters saying that its the only way to resume the trial as soon as possible. Gray then agrees and splits from Cana and Lucy.

Cana finds Mavis' grave.
Cana finds Mavis' grave.

After a while, Cana asks Lucy where Mavis Vermilion's grave is. As Lucy explains her reasoning as to its possible location, Cana realizes where it is and suddenly puts Lucy to sleep using her sleep card. She then moves Lucy to the side of the road and leaves her with an apologetic expression. Once she reaches Mavis' grave which began to glow, she tries to touch it but it was blocked by the magic surrounding it. She then begins to recall her past when, as a young girl, she searched for her father to carry out her mother's dying will which said that she had to live with him. But upon discovering his fame and missions, she became hesitant in telling him the truth about their relationship. Cana then decides to tell her father the truth if she finally becomes an S-Class mage, but because she failed the S-Class examinations four times consecutively, she felt that she was unworthy of being his daughter.

Cana runs to save her friends with the power of Fairy Glitter.
Cana runs to save her friends with the power of Fairy Glitter.

Soon after, her pouch begins to glow and she takes out the card that she had given to Lucy in case she was in danger. She drops the card and begins to cry yelling that she never meant to betray her friends and that she would do anything for her friends at Fairy Tail because she loves her guild. She then decides to fight and payback everything they had done for her in the past 12 years which results in Mavis Vermilion bestowing on her one of Fairy Tail's three most powerful powers, Fairy Glitter.

Powers & Abilities

Card Magic

Cana's Magic Seal.
Cana's Magic Seal.

Cana uses magical cards that allow her to foretell the future, or she can combine them to create special effects, such as firing off lightning attacks, reverse damage sent her way, or track down people or objects. Cana is also known for having impressive strength, but that is not magical in nature, it simply comes from years of fighting.

Card Magic TechniquesDescription
Sexy Lady Card
Cana throws cards with pictures of vuluptuous women in skimpy bikinis to distract her opponent. She used this against Freed after learning that he had a weakness for women in bikinis.
Prayer's Fountain
When Cana uses this card, beams of water are summoned, which strike in all directions. Although Cana tells Lucy that touching the water is dangerous, what the effects are of doing so are unknown. Celestial Spirits can also be called forth using this water, as it was used as a medium to summon Aquarius.
Sleep Card
Cana can use this card to put her opponent to sleep.
Help Lucy Card
A card that flashes when Lucy is in danger. It can also help pinpoint her location.
Jolt of Fate
Cana combines Lightning, Reverse Tower and Lovers cards to strike multiple opponents with a massive lightning shock (Anime only).
Summoned Lightning
Cana combines Heaven, Reverse Death and Mountain cards to summon green lightning bolts which strike her opponents (Anime only).
Cana can use numerous cards to produce fire (Anime only).
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Eri Kitamura
Jamie Marchi
General Information Edit
Name: Cana Alberona
Name: カナ・アルベローナ
Romanji: Kana Aruberōna
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kana Alberona
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Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess

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Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan (OVA)

This is the 2nd OVA/OAD episode in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Memory Days (OVA)

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