Weekly Campione: Ep. 8 - A Hero Arrives

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Welcome to the weekly Campione! report! I hope to continue to do this weekly, but when school rolls by, I might do this biweekly. Last week's episode finished Godou's battle with Duke Voban. We haven't seen the last of him. I still wonder about the fights between Campione. Are they held by rules like a fight for the best Campione or random battles? It's probably the first one.


Erica and Lucrezia trick Godou in going to Italy for a little vacation. Elsewhere in Napoli, Liliana watches Salvatore slashes Hera's Seal that attracts a dragon. A mysterious person arrives to stop the dragon. Godou meets a familiar person.

Who is the blonde man and who did Godou bump in Italy?


Beware of spoilers!


It's Godou and Liliana's turn
It's Godou and Liliana's turn
  • If you love fan service and beach scenes, this episode is good for you fans. There is a naughty scene where the girls fight over Godou while smothering him with their bosom.
  • Athena makes another appearance. Though, she somehow got Perseus to fight Godou.
  • Looks like we might have Liliana and Godou emphasis for this episode and maybe the next one. The last two episodes were about Yuri and her past.


  • Hit or Miss with cliche fan service and harems: Some of you might hate this because there is a bunch of cliches such as girls fighting over Godou and Yuri's towel falling off. Yuri slaps Godou for being pervert even though it is Yuri's fault for not tying her towel properly.


It looks like Arianna is drenched in...
It looks like Arianna is drenched in...
  • These thoughts are probably formed when my head is in the gutter. Yuri plays the motherly role while doing the shrine maiden/virgin fetish. Erica is the front liner, and Liliana plays hard to get or the tsundere part. I'm not sure about Athena. Some folks say Athena has a thing for Godou. I say let's wait to see some more stuff from her.

Overall, this episode is good but not great. I hope the Perseus battle is more better than Duke Voban's battle. Athena's battle with Godou is the best in my opinion because it had an even teamwork between Erica and Godou.

In Duke Voban's battle, the girls did most of the work, and Godou was just kissing them.

Trivia Time!

Sometimes, I did this for the Fairy Tail and Sket Dance weekly reports, but I ran out of time and creativity.

  • Godou: 1, 2,
  • Erica: 1, 2,
  • Yuri: 1, 2,
  • Athena: 1,


Thank you everyone for reading this report and supporting both the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard. Any help to the wiki page, blogs, and comments would be appreciated.

Wiki Progress: Daniel and I finished Ep. 8's wiki page; I added Perseus's page. I think I updated Yuri's evolution section last week; Sonata updated Athena and Duke Voban's powers (the column on the right for those who are new).

For more information on the Campione! wiki project, check out the project blog and wiki list.

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