Weekly Campione!: Ep. 13 - Tale of the God-slayer

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Welcome to the last weekly report on Campione! I was surprised they were ending the anime along with Binbogami Ga! and Sket Dance last week.


Metis arrives to gobble up her daughter Athena. It's up to Godou and the gang to defeat Metis and save the world.

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Beware of Spoilers!


Godou, You Lolicon!
Godou, You Lolicon!
  • If you love the unique kissing elements in Campione, you'll love this episode. Basically, Godou kiss all the girls in his harem and Athena. I love how the girls just gasp at Godou kissing Athena.
  • Godou's fight is much better than rest. I did not like his whole history lecture. It's great that he only gave it once. The CG in his fight with the swords was a nice touch.
  • Erica and the girls got some action. Though, it's mostly Erica.


  • Sometimes, screaming in battle works in intense fights, but for this show, it was a bit annoying.
  • If you want a manlier character who can beat the enemy on his own, you would hate Godou who just takes energy from the girls by kissing them. For me, Godou is between weak and strong male leads.

Overall, this episode was the best in this show since it has a good amount of action, lip locking scenes, and friendship talk.

Lip locking Scenes

I don't know why Metis blushes when she's kissing her daughter. It was weird watching the two girls who look like twins kissing.

I love how Ena's kissing scene was dynamic since it's not a profile shot. This is all in chronological order.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this weekly report. I hope you enjoyed Campione! anime series. It was a blast to work on its wiki project with my teammates. Please support the franchise and the wiki project with its wiki editors in Anime Vice.

Wiki Progress

After I finished Ep. 13, I have to proofread the episode summaries and transfer episode images to the character pages.

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