Weekly Campione!: Ep. 12 - The Sword of Ama no Murakumo

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Welcome to the weekly Campione! report! After Ena makes her debut last episode, we had a brawl between Ena and Erica because Ena feels Godou's harem should only include Japanese women.

As Erica and Ena's fight drags out, Ena allows her sword to consume herself to defeat Erica. With Erica dying, Godou uses his Ten Avatars to save Erica with more kissing. Then, an unknown intruder attacks Godou's group.

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Beware of Spoilers!


There's was not much good stuff for me in this episode, so I list the bizarre.

Meet Metis, Athena's evil twin
Meet Metis, Athena's evil twin
  • Athena and Shizuka's scene: Athena makes Godou sound like a pedophile.
  • Godou and Erica's suggestive scene: I believe it was an implied sex scene. You got Godou embracing and kissing Erica in a missionary position, and Erica has this loud moaning that sounds like she got an orgasm. It's really ridiculous.
  • Athena has an evil clone called Metis. I was wrong that Athena had eaten Perseus last time.

Euphemism Quotes

  • Godou: I will inject you with my divine protection. I imagine it'll be rough, but bear with it!
  • Erica: I can feel you inside me. It feels so warm... (the viewers are shown Erica's stomach)
Campione's biggest wtf scene - Erica's implied sex scene
Campione's biggest wtf scene - Erica's implied sex scene

Sorry for digressing and talking a lot about this strange erotic scene.


Ena's Cowgirl scene
Ena's Cowgirl scene
  • Erica's Near Death Scene:Forgive everyone, I didn't feel much sympathy or any feelings for Erica. Plus, she is back to normal after Godou's little sex scene.
  • Too much kissing: Every episode of Campione has a kissing scene, but this episode had the most kissing scene, and it had the longest one ever.
  • Typical Fan Service Physics: You got to love how Ena seemingly fall on top of Godou in a cowgirl position. Ladies just seem to fall onto Godou's lap.

This episode is decent, and the fan service along with the Godou and Erica's implied sex scene is ridiculous. How could they have time to do it before the battle with Ena? The episode's plot just didn't work out, and the action leaves a lot to be desired.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. If you love this series, please support it and the wiki editors.

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That kiss...

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