Weekly Campione!: Ep. 11-Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

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Welcome to the weekly report! Last week was the end of Perseus's fight, and we learn more about Liliana's quirky side. With the addition of Liliana into Godou's group, this week's episode introduces a new lady, Ena Seishuin.


After Ena introduces herself to Godou and his so-called mistresses, she notes that Godou and Yuri are friends instead of lovers. To make sure that the Italian knights are not getting the upper hand, Ena engages with Erica in one one one duel.

Can Erica beat Ena to assert her dominance in Godou's harem?

(Sorry for being a bit sexist)


Beware of spoilers!


Erica always has those beautiful moments
Erica always has those beautiful moments
  • Ena is another interesting love interest who is quite straightforward. The part where she tells Yuri to handle childbearing and sex is pretty strange yet humorous.
  • Shizuka gets some spotlight, and it seems she hates Erica a lot. I like how she is against Godou's harem because to me, she represents logic. Godou's harem is not that realistic enough for fans to relate themselves. They just feel shallow.
  • For bizarre, Athena who crashes into Godou's home. Her loliness makes her look so innocent. I just like how Athena looks harmless on the outside while she's a bit naughty on the inside.


Darn, I wanted the cat fight to be longer
Darn, I wanted the cat fight to be longer
  • It was slow and a bit boring at the beginning until we get to Ena's match. Liliana and Yuri didn't do much besides exchanging glances and small talk.
  • Repetitiveness: Liliana did the same thing when Erica transfer into Godou's school. It wasn't funny enough to poke fun at the transfer student stereotype in anime.
  • Beautiful Moments: It seems that Erica has the good shots. She has these gorgeous moments while the other girls get squat. Where's Liliana or Yuri's? All we get is some kissing which is getting a bit old.

The episode is decent since this series is like a hill. It starts to build up action for each fight and a love interest, and it falls. Right now, we're at the boring slope of the hill since the action is just getting started. Hopefully, Erica and Ena finish the match. Godou is being too much of a wishy-washy gentlemen.


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