Weekly Campione! Ep. 10 - The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero

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Howdy everyone and welcome to the Weekly Campione! report. This week's episode is the end of the Perseus's battle, and it sheds light on Liliana's character who we thought is a reserved tsundere. Looks like she has fallen for Godou and join his group. I didn't want to say harem, but you can say it that way.

Godou still does not have a chance to defeat Perseus unless he has some background information on his enemy. Liliana has the answers from Athena's divination, but the only way to teach the information to Godou is that Liliana has to kiss him.

Can Liliana and Godou work together to defeat Godou without kissing?

(Hell no, you guys and gals already know the pattern)


Beware of spoilers!


Didn't see that coming, eh Perseus?
Didn't see that coming, eh Perseus?
  • Godou's fight with Perseus was definitely better than Duke Voban. Godou had more action since in the Duke Voban's fight, it was the girls who had the spotlight. Liliana had a good scene during the battle.
  • Kissing: If you guys and gals loved these scenes, this episode had 2 girls and a total of 6 kisses. Liliana scored 4 kisses, and it was her first time while Athena had stolen 2.
  • Athena is the most interesting girl I find so far. Even though she helped Godou and Liliana, she has a bit evilness to her.


Is that all you got, Campione? Do you have to kiss a girl to beat me?
Is that all you got, Campione? Do you have to kiss a girl to beat me?
  • Repetitive Process: I don't know about you guys, but this is quite too predictable. It's like the Duke Voban's fight. Godou has to learn information, and the only to teach the dumb guy is to have someone kiss him. It's usually a woman. It'll be weird to see a guy in future episodes. Anyways, he uses his Golden Sword and gives a history lesson . If that fails, he and his partner usually beat the enemy with their usual attacks. (I thank Sonata for pointing this out)
  • I hope Godou has some interesting powers later on to make the battles more better and less talkative. Talking is good, but it should done in moderation to make battles more exciting.
  • They should add suspense in uncovering the gods' true origins. Make us guess.


  • Since all the people who had info on the enemies are women, what would happen if Godou finds a man with information.
  • Why didn't Perseus just beat up Godou before he kisses Liliana?
  • In these duels, Godou always had help while the enemies are usually by themselves.

Overall, this episode is good, and for Liliana fans, you'll love it. They should do some episode previews, and I'm wondering if the next girl will show up. I'm stoked to see her.

Special Snapshots

Kissing Gallery

Yeah, I have no idea why I do this, but if I find a pattern in an episode's snapshots, I post them to make the reports more interesting. Campione! still has a lot of kissing scenes. Please enjoy this. Be lucky that Godou only needs to kiss in order to get smarter.

Interestingly, there was no French kissing
Interestingly, there was no French kissing

Ten Avatar Shots

I'm still collecting these shots for the wiki pages. I need to check how much we have. I didn't upload the boar shot because I think I got that one already.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise, the wiki pages, and the wiki editors.

Wiki Progress: I need to update Perseus's page and the others. Don't know if Perseus is truly dead.

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