Campione! Characters

Campione! is an anime series in the Campione! franchise
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Arianna Hayama Arialdi

She's maid and side kick of Erica in the Campione! anime series.


Athena is another mysterious girl in Campione!

Ena Seishuin

A character in the Campione! franchise.

Erica Blandelli

She is a knight of the Copper Black Cross and a character in the Campione! anime series.

Godou Kusanagi

Godou Kusanagi is a regular boy who becomes a "Campione" - a God killer.

Haya Susano Wo No Mikoto

Haya Susano Wo No Mikoto is Ena's guardian.

Hikari Mariya

She is Yuri's younger sister and an apprentice shrine maiden.

Karen Jankulovski

Karen Jankulovski is a mage of Bronze Black Cross and Liliana's maid.

Liliana Krancar

Liliana is a warrior who serves the count.

Lucrezia Zora

She's the promiscuous witch in the Campione! anime series.


Melqart is one of the many gods in the Campione! anime series.


Metis is Athena's evil other.


Pandora is a mysterious girl in the Campione! franchise.


Perseus is a rogue god in Campione!

Salvatore Doni

He's a Campione like Godou who is annoyed with Salvatore.

Sasha Dejanstahl Voban

He's one of the oldest Campione in the franchise.

Shizuka Kusanagi

She is Godou's little sister in the Campione! franchise.

Touma Amakasu

Amakasu is Mariya's friend who works at the shrine in Campione! franchise.


Verethragna is an antagonist in the Campione! anime series.

Yuri Mariya

She is the shrine maiden in Campione!

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