Callous Valley

Callous Valley is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 05/10/2009
The woman walks out of the ocean towards Arawn and the Gaels. She bows before Arawn. Her name is Llyr and she offers her services on behalf of her Faerie tribe. She hunts together with the Gaels. During the hunt, Arawn spies a seal hiding behind a rock. The seal flattens when Arawn touches it, revealing that it is only the skin. Arawn brings the skin with him when he goes to see Riannon.

Riannon is attempting to build a fire but cannot keep the flames going. Arawn hands her the skin, telling her the fat will help feed the flames and start the fire. Everyone enjoys a full meal of crab stew. Arthur announces it is time to return to the castle.

Riannon sees Llyr looking along the beach for something. Arawn asks what is wrong and Llyr says she must ask for a leave of absence from his service. She cannot find her special clothes. Her tribe’s clothing is very precious and without them she cannot return to her homeland. Morgan says that everyone will help her find her clothes. Arthur asks what the clothes look like. Llyr replies that they do not look like clothes but a seal skin. Arawn and Riannon look at one another guiltily. Arawn admits to taking the seal skin and giving it to Riannon to burn. He and Riannon apologize to Llyr.

Llyr pardons them. She announces she will do her best as she remains by Lord Arawn’s side for the rest of her life. Ogam tells Arawn that faerie women are engaged to any man who takes their clothing. Therefore, Llyr and Arawn are engaged.

The other faeries at the castle welcome Llyr. They try to show her how to do various chores. Unfortunately, Llyr only makes a mess of things. She bewails her situation and the other faeries comfort her.

Imperial soldiers scour the woods south of the castle for signs of the Gaels. They find a wheel from one of the stolen wagons. The general in charge is a man named Buburuks. He calls for a knight named Octavia. He orders her to assemble to troops, find the Gael’s base, then launch a surprise assault. She questions Buburuk’s orders. The general angrily asks if she knows how to follow the orders of her superior. Buburuk insults her by saying that’s why she never will be promoted. Octavia silently thinks to herself, the plan is too reckless and impulsive.

Arthur and Arawn are warned about the imperial troops presence. They plan a secret ambush of their own. The Gaels launch their attack before the Imperial soldiers are aware of their presence. Buburuk panics but refuses to order a formal retreat contrary to what Octavia thinks. The Imperial soldiers flee from the forest, across a rope bridge. The Gaels follow closely. Buburuk then begins to cut apart the rope bridge even though his men are still on it.

Arthur orders a retreat. The rope bridge breaks apart. Several Imperial soldiers fall to their deaths. Octavia and a few others manage to hang on. Later that evening, Buburuk confronts Octavia with the fact that she reported his actions to his supervisor. Octavia replies, she only did what was right. The two argue, however Buburuk backs off after look Octavia in the eye. Octavia looks at her sword and thinks of her brother. She asks him to guide her and allow her to never lose sight of the right path.

Arthur stands next to Arawn and looks at his tribe. He says that he believes in all of them.  He will protect them no matter what.

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