Call Me By My First Name

Call Me By My First Name is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 08/22/2012
Binbogami ga!
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Ranmaru is invited to a welcoming party by the other girls, but when she tries to invite Ichiko along, she refuses. Despite Ranmaru's attempts at friendship. Ichiko keeps pushing her away. What is it that prevents Ichiko from making friends with others?
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

At class, two girls ask Rindou to go with them to a karaoke. Rindou asks Ichiko to go with her, and Ichiko does not seem happy, but Momiji is revved up. The other girls don't mind Momiji, and when Ichiko acts spoiled, the guys start assisting Ichiko who looks down. Over at the karaoke, the girls talk how Ichiko never talk to girls like them. Momiji brings Rindou to Ichiko's home where they see Ichiko counting threads in a tatami. Momiji tries to imitate Ichiko's voice and insults Rindou. When Ichiko asks them what they are here, Rindou tells her that she wants to spend time with her. She tells Ichiko that she is here for her, but Ichiko gets obnoxious. Rindou tries to take Ichiko's face off because she thinks it's a mask. Ichiko throws the two out of her home. Momiji gives Rindou a misfortune gadget that allows her to learn about Ichiko's deep secrets. Meanwhile, Rindou tells her friends that they will hurt Ichiko.

Kurumi - Ichiko's first friend who back stabs her
Kurumi - Ichiko's first friend who back stabs her

At school, Ichiko hides from Rindou, and Akane introduces herself to Ichiko and tells her that she will help her. Momiji sees Akane knocking out Ichiko and some guys abduct her. In an abandoned house, the guys are about to do something bad to Ichiko, but Rindou arrives to beat them up. She sees Ichiko gone and tells Akane that they are classmates. When the house collapses, Rindou holds up the rubble to save Akane and her friends. She tells them to get out. Ichiko asks Akane about Rindou who just shoves Ichiko out of the way. While Ichiko insults Rindou, Momiji states that Ichiko is afraid of getting close to people. A flashback occurs where Kurumi tells her that they both give chocolates to Yusuke, a guy they both have feelings for. Kurumi sees Yusuke giving chocolate and a cat brooch. She asks Ichiko to give the gift to her and states that best friends do that. Later, Kurumi confess her feelings for Yusuke who states that he loves Ichiko. She tells Yusuke that Ichiko gave away the brooch. Ichiko sees Yusuke who ignores her.

After the flashback, Momiji does a suplex on Ichiko and evades Ichiko's attacks. Momiji stabs and takes Ichiko's fortune. Ichiko runs off to save Rindou, and after a mouse locates Rindou, Ichiko pops out of her snake. She gives Rindou a taste of her fortune. Ichiko's monkey and Rindou blasts out of the house to get free. Ichiko allows Rindou to see her past where she see young Ichiko changing to her snobby self. Young Ichiko tells Kurumi that she doesn't need a cheap toy. After seeing her past, Rindou asks Ichiko if she is afraid of Rindou turning out to be like Kurumi. As the two argue, Rindou manages to convince Ichiko that she will betray her. Ichiko cries, and Rindou hug her.

Points of Interest

  • Gadget of Misfortune: Trauma Stethoscope - The user will hear the person's deepest secrets.


  • Case Closed - Momiji cosplays as Conan Edogawa.
  • Jason of Crystal Lake - Momiji wears a hockey mask and revs up a chainsaw.
  • Batman - Momiji tells Kumagai to turn on the bat signal.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The flashback occurs at a different point in the manga. It occurs after Sakura saves Rindou from the collapsing house. Rindou sees all of Sakura's past in normal fashion. Compared to the anime, they show before Sakura saves Rindou. Then, they show the scene where Kurumi boasts about backstabbing Ichiko after she saves Rindou.
  • Dialogue Altercations: Only in the manga, Rindou asks Sakura what has happened to Yusuke and Kurumi.


  • Japanese Name: "Namae de Yonde" (名前で呼んで)
  • Manga Chapter: 12 and 13 (Volume 3)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!
Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.


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