Cagalli Yula Athha Friends

Cagalli Yula Athha is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Athrun Zala First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Athrun and Cagalli meet for the first time after shooting each other down and getting marooned on an island together. Initially, Athrun takes Cagalli prisoner, but they end up talking about the war and their personal viewpoints. They are eventually part ways and are rescued by their two parties. They meet again after Athrun's duel with Kira, where Athrun believes he has killed his friend. Cagalli confronts him about this, and they both end up breaking down over it. After this, Cagalli gives Athrun an amulet to protect him.

Kira Yamato First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Cagalli is Kira's fraternal twin sister who was birthed naturally, without genetic enhancements. They are separated and adopted by different families and do not meet again until the theft at Heliopolis, where Kira pushes her into an evacuation shelter. They meet again in episode 15 as the Earth Alliance stops to aid the Desert Dawn resistance group against ZAFT-occupied North Africa. Cagalli and Kira remain good friends, and Cagalli doesn't learn of her relation to Kira until right before her adoptive father's suicide at the destruction of Orb. She keeps this secret from Kira until several episodes later.

Lacus Clyne First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Lacus Clyne is the daughter of PLANT Supreme Council member Seigel Clyne and a symbol of peace across the colonies.

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