Caesar Zeppeli

Caesar Zeppeli is a anime/manga character in the JoJo's Bizarre adventures franchise
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Caesar Antonio Zeppeli is the grandson of Will A. Zeppeli the Ripple master, and he is the Ripple apprentice of Lisa Lisa. He appears in the second part, Battle Tendency, alongside Joseph Joestar as a supporting character.


When Caesar and his two brothers and two sisters were children, their father suddenly left them with no explanation. As a result, Caesar grew up hating his father thinking he was out living a new life. However, one day when Caesar spotted him walking, he tails him with the intention of killing him, down to a secret passage leading to the Pillar Men under the Colosseum. Caesar then spots a jewel, not knowing that it was part of the Pillar Men's trap, but his father pushes him out of the way, sacrificing himself for Caesar, leading Caesar to admire his father and swear revenge on the Pillar Men.

Some time after Caesar desires revenge against the Pillar Men, he trains under Lisa Lisa in the art of the Hamon, but apparently has learned little more than the fundamentals and still needed to go through the final part of the ripple training in order to completely master it.


Caesar Zeppeli was created by Hirohiko Araki, the author and illustrator of series, as a supporting role of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency Arc. The original manga series was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987, until it was transferred to monthly Ultra Jump. Its first volume was released in August 10, 1987, published by Shueisha and still running for more than 100 volumes. It is one of the longest manga series running.

Character Evolution

Caesar Zeppeli is introduced as a blond, suave ladies man, as well as skilled ripple user. He wears a triangle patterned bandana and a metal clad glove with no finger sleeves. His attire is very flashy and flamboyant. He is rather cool and collected, especially in contrast to Joseph Joestar, with whom he is grudgingly paired to fight The Pillar Men. Caesar is initially antagonistic towards Joseph due to the incident concerning the deaths of their grandfathers fifty years ago. After they face the Pillar Men for the first time, Joseph begins to grow on Caesar and they both find a mutual understanding in the shared fate of their families. Caesar ultimately comes into terms with the tragic fate that befalls his family and willingly ensures Joseph carries on his will.

Major Story Arcs

Battle Tendency

Caesar meets Joseph in Rome, where they have a poor first impression of one another, with Joseph seeing him as a stuck-up lady-chaser and Caesar considering him an uncivilized brute, which only added to his already existing grudge with the Joestar family. The two fight a duel at a fountain where Caesar displays his superior skills with the ripple. Their fight ends when Joseph is trapped inside one of Caesar's bubbles and a ripple-infused pigeon flies into the mouth of Caesar.

Joseph, Speedwagon and Caesar are taken to where the Pillar Men were found by Caesar's friend, a young Nazi by the name of Mark. When they arrive they are horrified to find that all the soldiers that were there had been killed, also Mark is nonchalantly killed by the Pillar Men. Enraged at his friend's death Caesar attacks the Pillar Men but one of the Pillar Men, Wham's, headgear renders his 'Bubble Launcher Technique' useless and he is injured. In order to protect Caesar and Speedwagon from Wham, Joseph feigns cowardice to lead him away. Caesar eventually finds Joseph and witnesses him bluffing Wham and ACDC into leaving and having the "Wedding Rings" implanted inside him. Finding a new found respect for Joseph, Caesar decides to help him get stronger in order to defeat the Pillar Men.

Caesar presents Joseph to Lisa Lisa and the begins their intense training together. For their first challenge, Lisa Lisa forces them to tackle 'Hell Climb Pillar', a large pillar covered with oil that requires expert control of the ripple to climb. Caesar is able to climb the tower due to his previous ripple training, but expresses concern for Joseph, who is less experienced than him. When Joseph nearly reaches the peak but slips Caesar grabs his arm, saving him. After weeks of training the two reach the final phase where Caesar had to defeat Messina managing to win after Messina says he could be killed by Caesar if the fight continued, showing how much Caesar developed his abilities. When he returns he finds out ACDC remains have possessed Lisa Lisa's assistant, Suzie Q. They manage to save Suzie Q by using their combined ripple to neutralize the damage to her body, while still forcing ACDC out.

During the pursuit of Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men, Caesar goes ahead of the rest of the group to fight Wham, and Messina goes to stop him. Caesar with his newly powerful ripple, almost manages to kill the Pillar Man, however as he closes in to deliver a fatal blow, his shadow then was taken advantage of by Wham to hide from the sunlight, and so he is dealt a deathblow. As he is about to die, he rips off Wham's lip piercing with the antidote and imbues it with the last of his strength into his headband in a ripple bubble made of his blood for Joseph before his body is crushed by a cross-shaped rock.

Powers and Abilities


Having been trained under Lisa Lisa, Caesar is able to efficiently use the ripple in various techniques. He is able to use more advanced techniques such as focusing the ripple on the fingertips, and much like Joseph, can channel the ripple through objects, such as a weapon, food, or even living beings.

The base for most of his attacks relies mostly on his gloves, which are loaded with a special soap-like substance. Because of this, he is able to release bubbles from his hands at anytime and fuse them with the ripple to create deadly projectiles.


  • Bubble Launcher: Caesar's Signature Attack. Caesar fires out a barrage of bubbles from his gloves, each coated in the ripple. This increases the density of the bubbles and are able to hit objects with a greater impact. When hit by the barrage, Joseph was completely blown away.
  • Bubble Barrier: Sometimes used in conjunction with Bubble Launcher, Caesar only uses one bubble coated with the ripple. The difference is that instead of multiple being used as a barrage,The bubble absorbs the enemy into it to immobilize them.
  • Bubble Cutter: Based off his Grandfather's, Will Zeppeli's, Caesar further reinforces his bubble launcher, and creates bubbles with the ability to slice. Unlike his original attack, the bubbles spin at high speed and use centrifugal force, but are able to stay intact due to the Ripple. This causes them to form shapes much like saucers with a small blade-like ring surrounding each bubble. These bubbles move at a higher velocity and have a higher tractability, allowing Caesar to fire them at any direction with ease.
  • Bubble Cutter Gliding: A more versatile version of Bubble Cutter, Caesar sacrifices the quantity of the attack, and focuses on effectiveness. By launching a few bubbles, Caesar is able to aim them much like homing projectiles. They are able to go around objects and have a higher chance of hitting the opponent.
  • Bubble Lenses: The bubbles have the ability to refract light and focus them into beams, much like a magnifying glass. After launching them, the bubbles become stationary and any light source passing through will cause a domino effect, connecting the bubbles together and eventually shooting multiple beams at their target.
General Information Edit
Name: Caesar Zeppeli
Name: シーザー・アントニオ・ツェペリ
Romanji: Shiza Antonio Tseperi
Gender: Male
Birthday: 05/13/1918
1st manga book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #7
1st anime episode: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation #12
1st anime movie:
Aliases Caesar Antonio Zeppeli
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