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All said, this was one crazy cliffhanger.
All said, this was one crazy cliffhanger.

Majulah Singapura! As a former Singaporean resident, I was just so pleased to see it referenced here. Outside of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and that one episode of CAPTAIN PLANET, this is maybe the only time I’ve noticed it show up in... well... any kind of entertainment. It makes me want to jet over to Chiangi and hop on the MRT to grab some ice kachang at the nearest hokker center before taking a relaxing boat trip through all the Taoist hells in Haw Par Villa.

And if any of those references made sense to you, you get +9000 honorary XP.

Getting back on subject (as we must,) I imagine an Entre must be in a constant state of apprehension and confusion whenever he’s outside of the financial district. How are you not going to lose your mind when the whole world around you changes so frequently, randomly and drastically depending on the outcomes of battles? If you have memories of a whole country that never existed, what really differentiates you from a schizophrenic? Hell, Yoga’s talking to kid who disappears on him mid-conversation. That's an existential gauntlet to endure, no?

The scene of the Professor trying to kill himself was a tense one. This show isn’t cold or overly logical, but it is taking an economist’s approach to character drama and emotional health. The “reality” of losing his kids might not have set it, but it did take his whole future away in the end by making him a broken shell of a man. Yoga responds to man's troubles in a way that keeps him sympathetic as a lead;burning his money in renunciation and desperately looking into bargaining with "the man in charge" to broker some kind of deal. I'm wondering if the shoe's ever going to drop for a "heel turn" in the kid.

I’m always a big proponent of a show having ambitious scope, but I wonder if it’s stretching the metaphor too far here past what seemed to be the deal in the original premise. I feel like a regular championship - - vis a vis his relationship with the girl - - might have allowed for some unconventional dialogs about morality (even if it seemed conventional at first.) However, this business with reality shifting seems to make the world too malleable with all the differences that would surround an individual Entre after he started. Even Yoga says that, in a present with all these roaming possibilities, the future has no meaning. It feels a little like a short story that’s been stretched out like so much literary taffy.

Watch this episode “Confidence" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Alright Anime Vice I kind of need your help....

So both of my roommates are gone but there's this box of chocolates just sitting here in the living room table. I don't know if I'm allowed to eat them or not, but they smell and look delicious. I mean for all I know this could be my roommates attempting to poison me. Or they could be chocolates for everyone to enjoy. OR maybe one of my roommates bought them for their girlfriend and I'm not allowed to eat them. If that's the case I'm pretty sure that if I get caught I'm going to get slapped in the face, and contrary to popular belief I do not enjoy getting slapped in the face. If I do eat one I don't want to be the only person in the room because then they'll know that I ate one without asking. So I'm thinking maybe sneak one of the caramel chews and go outside for a bit and when both of my roommates come back it is up in the air of as to who ate the chocolate....that is unless these chocolates are poisoned.

YOU KNOW WHAT! You tell me what I should do! I really want to eat these chocolates (at least one of the good ones). They smell delicious! But I don't know if I should eat them or not!


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Looks like you finally got to the part in the story where you start to wonder what the writers are going for in terms of the overall message.  All I can say is to keep scratching that head of yours, because it doesn't seem to get cleared up after it all said and done.
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@zombiepie: I'd sneak and eat one, I'd just be worried that it would be so delicious I couldn't stop myself after only one. 
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@zombiepie: Eat 'em.  Do you want to look back 10 years from now and not know whether those chocolates were delicious or only smelled delicious? At that point in your life you probably won't even know your roommates anymore. You gotta have foresight. Take risks and swan dive into every chocolate box you find. Roommates are transient, chocolate is forever.
All I know bout Singapore is that you sposed to say it like sheengahpoll, if this show has taught me anything. But all them vague terms you used are spurring some mad googlery urges within me.
@rxanadu:  Yeah was tossing around what they might be going for myself once it started getting with its ideas.
The possibilities are pseudo-philosophical-tastic! 
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@zombiepie: Eat them, then drive to the store and buy some replacement chocolates.

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@zombiepie: I'd say buy a better version of the chocolates and leave them out the same way they did whenever you need to go somewhere.  They should have to go through the same pain as you did.   
Also, don't eat the chocolates; just let someone else in, and if they go for the chocolates, then you can have more reliable proof that you didn't eat them. :)
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I am not sure if the box is supposed to have something to do with the themes of this show but if it was I missed it.  I wouldn't eat them myself as they are not yours.  But then I am with yoga in this show and I don't think you should sacrifice the future to save the present.  I am not sure if the people who made the show have a side.  (Only watched up to episode ten though) They are dramatizing the choices pretty well.  In later episodes there are some things that don't work the first comes here.  
For example...what started the chain reaction that lead to Singapores destruction?  That is never explained as far as I can tell.  
So I have to ask did you grow up in singapore?  That would go a long way to explaining your massive amount of knowledge in so many subjects as they are supposed to have one of the best education systems in the world.  An ex-president (the most recent one I guess, the one who was supposed to be responsible for the miracle) was on Charlie Rose at one point and was one of the most intelligent people I had ever seen interviewed.  They are a lot less free in singapore....there are actual quotas of how many people of a certain race can live in a certain area to insure the races mix and prevent racism but it seems to work, as they are amazing economically and seem to have very little crime or interracial strife.  I would love to hear from someone who lived there though on your thoughts.  Differing governing systems always interest me.  
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