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"In America, we have many super entrepreneurs." What?
"In America, we have many super entrepreneurs." What?

Did I miss an episode? When did Mikuni’s disaster relief efforts become a heinous offense? If I’m understanding it correctly, he’s been spending his mountains of Midas Money to mitigate the harmful effects of the reality warp. Somehow, he’s trading the potential benefits of his and all these people’s futures for the safety of their presents - - although the specifics are honestly a might confusing. Even if it’s only a temporary solution that might lead to hardship later, isn’t that still preferable to, you know, being wiped out of existence immediately? Yet Yoga’s righteously-indignant tirade before their fight would make it seem like he’s selling out the whole world for his personal again or some such. I have the creeping sense that this might be just the beginning of some frustration I’ll experience as the series wraps up.

And, you know, as much as I like how this world and its arcana parallel the principles of economics, my knee-jerk reaction to the weaponization of inflation in this episode is that it’s a flourish that pushes the whole conceit too far. The entre combat feels like some kind of cute board game, now. I don’t know, this is another one of those series where I am almost wish that I could see it after another rewrite that focused the plot a little more. There’s so much I enjoy about [C] – CONTROL, but I hate to say that it feels like it’s reaching too far to accomplish this amount of allegory in less than half the length of a regular series.

Of course, while we’re on the subject of allegories, my eyebrow raised some over the emergence of American financial market as something like the éminence grise of the [C] shockwaves the rest of the world experiences. Sure, we’re an economic super power and all, but if the intention of this show ends up being a none-too-subtly veiled criticism, I’d question how merited it is. Hasn’t Japan been enduring “lost decades” of recession on its own?

It was fun to see Masakaki get rocked by his Engrish-speaking counterpart, though.

Watch this episode “Collision" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The battle system was interesting when they tried to explain certain moves having an economic factor, like other people buying out shares when something is activated or... look I'd be lying if I told you I knew what was going on. Point is it's a bummer that they only really tried to give background on one thing and never go back to visit it. Also as painful as it is, I have to say the Engrish in this series is pretty entertaining considering it seems so out of place when it's mixed with actual English.

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Yeah, that was definitely weird - or rather illogical. While I agree with Kimimaro on the future vs present thing, at this point in time, he had nothing to back up his ideals. People and countries were being wiped off the map - if there's no present, there can't be any future either. The way it gets resolved in the end seems more like dumb luck than anything.

It's a shame FUNimation and Hulu are so limited with their choices. I would've suggested a more action oriented series for the next W&L, like Samurai Champloo, which is such a great and unique anime - but there's only 4 episodes of that on Hulu. :(

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I thought that Yoga's issue was that Mikuni was trading away people's futures without giving them an option; Mikuni was selling things that  he did not own.
It was around this point in the series, where the future is directly converted into money, that I started to what value the future had to Masakaki, 'the guy up there',  et al. Do they actually have a use for futures? Is the Midas money worth anything to them? Are they like Ryuk from Death Note, ust going along for the ride to see what humans will do?
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more questions that don't get answered yll, remember he saw children dissapearing, and the world changing around him as the countries future dissapeared.  I mean a child dissapeared as he was talking to him that would throw anyone for a loop.  I could be wrong...but i think this is in some way a giant competition among countries...we saw the way our miuzaki was laughing when the other country fell.  But yes we don't get enough detail here.  What caused the C wave?  How did America reflect it, and why did that cause it to go back to Japan?  Did Japan cause it to go somewhere else when they reflected it?
I think the main point of this series is the future vs present argument.  In that way it dovetails nicely actually into the budget arguments that are taking place in America...which is a truly odd and ironic thing actually....
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I think I've said this before: This just felt like the writers were watching too much cheesy anime with bad wrap-up fights about ideals.  I think if the creators made a contract with more episodes, they could have fleshed out the story more.  However, that doesn't excuse them for making the story as it was while knowing their boundaries in the first place.  They could have had a simple satire about how recessions work in the first two episodes, introduce the [C] epidemic in the third episode, then finally flesh that out through the rest of the series.  Because they went way over their heads, though, they found their deus ex machina via the inevitable "ideals fight". 
I don't want to talk about [C] right now, so I'll just ask what everyone is watching at the moment.  For me, I'm watching Steins;Gate, and I'm wondering what they'll do with the remaining 10 episodes left in the show's lifespan.  In the meantime, I did watch a certain series about crossdressers, filthy rich people, and powerful motors, and found it fantastic!
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Not much to watch right now. Steins;Gate does have some promise, but I figured I'd let the show finish airing before I start watching it. Only thing I'm watching right now is Natsume Yuujinchou 3 - I've been eagerly waiting for it since season 2. I'll give Yuru Yuri one more episode before I decided if I want to watch it or not.

Other than those, I've been going back to rewatch some old stuff. Not too long ago, I had a glance through Touch since it came up in a previous conversation about music or etc. Still an amazing anime despite being 26 years old.

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