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[C]-If Ayn Rand Had An Anime Reviewed by Wales on Oct. 11, 2012. Wales has written 14 reviews. His/her last review was for C - CONTROL. 60 out of 62 users recommend his reviews.

As some of you know, I'm a social studies major with a degree in education and know a good deal about certain fields of the social sciences. I understand the various degrees of communal governments. I can explain the rise of the French Revolution and its repurcussions on 19th century Europe. One thing myself and colleagues tend to stray away from though is the field of economics. Why? Because it's confusing as hell and [C] (or [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control for those of you that want the long version) spares no expense at throwing its viewers into the financial struggle in hopes someone has a Ph.D. in microeconomics.

[C] (I'm not typing the full name again) is an eleven episode anime in a somewhat parallel universe to ours. While various countries around the world are still in the midst of a financial struggle, several bizarre planes of existence emerge called the Financial District, each corner of the Earth getting their own. Nineteen year old Kimimaro Yoga is the latest member of the District as he is invited by a spirit named Masakaki, who I can only describe as Willy Wonka written by Ayn Rand, who claims he can have access to wealth with his future as collateral if he goes bankrupt. There, Koga is made an Entrepreneur and given his own Asset named Mashu as he learns that in order to gain wealth in the District, he must battle other Entrepreneurs as he finds out just what it means to lose the future.

For a relatively short series, [C] knows how to make a person think. Since I do have some training in economics, I was able to pick up quickly on why certain plans would work and others didn't. I also think the philosophy behind the value of money and its worth are well done as it explores the various paths people associate with money such as power or confidence. The battles, or Deals, are visually impressive too and the association to economic strategies is clever as well.

There are some bigger issues here. For one, people who aren't trained in the realm of economics will probably scratch their head at certain points during the show. Even with a class in high school, the ideas of why its bad to pay with money out of thin air, the various degrees of hyper-inflation, and short term gain are not subjects most are familiar with. It's also a bit hard to cover all the basis with eleven episodes. Rather, there are times where scenes are wasted to show off Yoga's dilemma or narration from some pointless background characters. It is understandable that Yoga would take time to dwell upon what path is the best path for everyone but by the time he makes his decision, we're already in the third act.

So what's the verdict on this show? It's by no means bad. Nor is it stellar. It didn't leave the same impact on me as Baccano did, an anime I finished last week. Visually, it looks great and from the intellectual standpoint, it gets flying colors but the fact that it doesn't take a step back to thoroughly explain things makes it harder to flow with it. Honestly, this feels like the bizarre conspiracy love child between Eden of the East and Persona 4. Then again, that may be my own awkward mind trying to grasp just what the hell I spent the last to days watching.

Final Score: 3/5

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