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Topic started by Babylonian on July 21, 2011. Last post by zaldar 3 years, 7 months ago.
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I kinda knew it wouldn't wrap it up right.

For noitaminA slot shows, you can tell if the show will have a hard time wrapping up from the pace of the first few eps.

Still a fun plot and a good mix of digimon and macro.

A surprisingly 'deep' final thought though. Good work Tom ;)

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Is there a lot of red light in the series?

Hey, I didn't know you used to be fat. I used to be huuuuge in college but also applied a bit of cost benefit to losing weight myself.

Hmmm, I was interested in checking this out but I think I might hold off on it now.

Ahh, I see why you're in the red now.

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I never watched this show or joined in with the articles. The idea of it being around economics doesn't help sell it to me, either. That's what Spice and Wolf was all about. I enjoyed the romance of the story, but all the economics issues went over my head most of the time.

Took me a while to figure out the meaning of the red flood lighting was about. Nice touch.

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I said this before but I want to say it again, the show is too short to really finish its message. But the show does a good job with what it was trying to do. 
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Well... actually I can't say I disagree with you Tom.  
It's a fairly deep show all things considered.
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Hmm I think you missed a bit about what was going on.  It really did play into the budget debate in America AMAZINGLY well.  The "evil" guy was trying to sacrifice the future to save the present, in economic terms borrow money to keep the present going, but leave the future with a massive debt.  This was shown in the show by the dissapearing children (children being the future) the idea being I suppose that now they wouldn't have the money to educate them because they were paying interest on the debt?  The main character took the very japanese mindset that the future is more important than the present and we should make sacrifices now so that we don't have to make larger sacrifices in the future.  That was what I took from it at least.  The man upstairs when we met him basically said what your TA said (I am so glad I went to an undergraduate school that didn't have TA's) there is no right answer just differing opinions and the battle.  A battle and debate that never ends.
I feel stupid for not getting the red light but as I like anime for the same reason you say you do (deep thoughts, sophistication) I like to think that like the words I am now typing watching the anime left me in the black.
(for some reason what I type comes up as black but then white when I post it)
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