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C - CONTROL is an anime series
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One of Souichirou Mikuni's Assets. She is always seen accompanying Q to keep her in check.


Jennifer's Asset who is a massive white wolf with a single horn and a pair of wings. After Jennifer is defeated by Mikuni she transfers control of Georges to Kimimaro.

Hanabi Ikuta

Kimimaro friend and colleage at the University

Horii Ichirou

One of the members of the Starling Guild.


The driver who conducts people to the "Financial District"

Jennifer Sato

Jennifer is an agent who works for an International Monetary Fund. She has a giant wolf as her asset.


One of Souichirou Mikuni's Assets. Mikuni uses Kakazuzu for battling instead of Q.

Kimimaro Yoga

The protagonist of C.


A mysterious man involved with "The Financial District"


Mashu is the Asset that aids Yoga Kimimaro during his struggle inside the Financial District. She really likes noodles and is curious about kissing.


Souichirou's first asset. Q is considered the most powerful of the Assets.

Shigeomi Taketazaki

An Information Boker who lives in the financial district who is seen taking photos of Deals.

Souichirou Mikuni

Soichiro Mikuni is the antagonist of the C - Control anime. Though he owns three Assets, he seems to enjoy taking Q on 'dates'.

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