Bye-Bye Edolas

Bye-Bye Edolas is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 08/27/2011
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With magic leaving Edolas, Mystogan proposes to Pantherlily that they re-establish order to a panicking city by having him play the role of a villain and get executed by Pantherlily who would thereafter become the King. However, after learning about his plan, Natsu (along with Gajeel and Wendy) decides to take the role as the villain and the two put on a real show in front of the people that ends with Mystogan winning. After earning the crowd's cheers and trust, Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel along with the Exceeds and the remaining Fairy Tail members get sucked back to Earthland after bidding their friends a final farewell. Mystogan then proclaims victory and becomes the new King of Edolas.

Plot Summary

As Edolas' Fairy Tail watch the magic disappear from their world, Edo-Lucy tells everyone that they have to go to the Royal City to see what will become of their future. Meanwhile, Pantherlily begins to quarrel with Mystogan over his plan to be executed in front of the panicking civilians to bring about a new order. He tells him that he can't bear to kill him after saving his life but Mystogan states that he's the only one who can do it. Pantherlily counters saying that they need his strong will to lead the people and thus he would be a more suitable king. He continues stating that even if he did bring ruin to their world he has to take responsibility by bringing back order not by dying. He then shocks Mystogan by proposing that he'll be the villain. However, Mystogan refuses to allow it, saying that he saved his life and for that he deserves happiness. Pantherlily responds that he thinks likewise of him, hence if either of them were to be executed only unhappiness would result. Just then, a soldier notifies Pantherlily that three people are wreaking havoc in the city, forcing him and Mystogan to take action.

Natsu, The Great Demon King Dragneel
Natsu, The Great Demon King Dragneel

When they look out the balcony to see what's happening, Mystogan becomes shocked upon seeing Natsu acting as the villain who stole the magic from Edolas under the name "Great Demon King Dragneel". He reveals to the citizens that he defeated Faust as he displays him tied to a pillar and then orders his "loyal servants" Redfox (Gajeel) and Marvel (Wendy) to proceed destroying the city. Catching on to their plan, Edo-Gajeel tells the people that the Great Demon King Dragneel is the great villain that's trying to destroy their world and is bent on doing great evil. He proves his point when Wendy tries to scare a little boy but is unsuccessful until Gajeel appears behind her and scares him off. As Mysotgan yells at him to stop, the crowd turns to him and become perplexed as to who he is until Natsu (and Edo-Gajeel) refers to him as the Prince of Edolas. Nady then appears behind Mystogan and explains that he told Natsu his entire "Villain and Hero" plan after overhearing their conversation.

The crowd rejoices over Mystogan's victory
The crowd rejoices over Mystogan's victory

As Natsu threatens to destroy the entire city, Mystogan is forced to take action and starts to run towards him. Nady tells Pantherlily that he should prepare himself for what's about to happen to them while Nichiya and his army revert back to normal. As Mystogan approaches Natsu, fully aware of what he's trying to do, he attempts to release his sleep magic but it ends up being sucked up by the Anima. Once they meet face to face, Mystogan tells Natsu that his plan won't work, however Natsu punches him response in front of the citizens. As they start to engage in a hand-to-hand combat, the crowd begins to cheer for their Prince. But as Natsu launches a punch, he stops his attack and tells Mystogan that this is his personal style of a Fairy Tail Farewell Ceremony. As they recite the three essential rules when leaving their guild while fighting, they both release a final powerful punch at each other, causing Natsu to (purposely) fall to the ground. The crowd cheer over Mystogan's victory while Natsu smiles at his guildmate and says that he hopes to see him again one day.

Mystogan watches as his friends return to Earthland
Mystogan watches as his friends return to Earthland

Suddenly Natsu's, Gajeel's, Wendy's as well as Patherlily's and Nady's body begins to glow. Nady explains that the reverse Anima is removing all the magic from Edolas which includes the Exceeds and the Dragon Slayers who have a lot of it in their bodies. Soon after, everyone from the Fairy Tail guild, including Lucy, Gray, Happy, and Charle start to glow and float to the sky as the Anima began to sweep them back to Earthland. As the Edolas Fairy Tail watch them disappear with concern, Gray assures them that even though there is no magic, as long as they have their friends, that's their guild right there. Meanwhile, Erza begins to glow and bids her counterpart farewell as she floats away. As Natsu and his "minions" float away, to the crowds relief, they begin to fake their pain as they are being swept back to Earthland. Pantherlily also bids Mystogan farewell by giving him some advice, being that he should proceed to bring change to Edolas nice and slowly and that they can reach their future one step at a time.

Mystogan, the new King of Edolas
Mystogan, the new King of Edolas

After they all give their final goodbyes to their Fairy Tail counterparts as well as to Mystogan, the magic disappears from Edolas for good and Mysotgan proclaims his victory over the Demon King Dragoneel before the people of Edolas, claiming that even without magic, they will keep on living.

Points of Interest

  • This is the second time that someone recites the three conditions for leaving Fairy Tail guild. The first time occurs when Erza bids farewell to her friends, Wally, Sho, and Millianna.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers volume 23: chapters 196 and 197.

  • In the manga, Edolas Fairy Tail is in the field whereas Edolas Fairy Tail are in the city.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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