Byakugou is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 09/24/2009
Disk tells Cruz the very small chance they have to survive: if they can somehow bring Kurumi's body in contact with Adam Blade's body, he could memorize her Black Attraction ability and break the spell on Eve, freeing her to heal him back up. Disk also reveals that Gido knew about this, as he was an original researcher for the Adam Project that spawned Adam Blade. Despite having the clear advantage, Setsuna and the Pretty Girl Squad lets Cruz, Disk and Gido strategize for a few minutes. Suddenly, Disk decides to try giving Blade's heart an extra jolt to wake him up, while Gido prepares to take the girls on by himself to stall for time and Cruz makes an end run around them and tries to get to Kurumi's body. Despite stripping most of his clothes off to distract the girls, Gido gets the crap kicked out of him as Saten shows up to block Cruz's path to Kurumi.
After scaring the crap out of Setsuna, Kuchinashi and Mio, Saten says he'll give them five minutes to finish up their work, then kicks Kurumi and Cruz all the way across the room back to their starting point. Setsuna smacks Disk off of Blade and prepares to deliver the final blow when Blade wakes up thanks to his heroic resolve and uses the newly-memorized Black Attraction power to order Eve to fight the virus in her brain. After a bit of screaming, Eve returns back to normal for real, heals up her comrades, and uses her doppleganger power to keep the others at bay with the super-concentrated Dero Doro gel still implanted in her body. Setsuna tries attacking Blade head-on (as the camera appears to be pointed just behind Setsuna's pantsu for a minute) but Adam easily beats them down with his memorized abilities.
Just when things are turning in favor of the good guys, Kuchinashi unleashes her "ultimate attack" called Lilith Temptation, an attack where she speaks verbally for the first time in the series and spreads a fragrance around the Third Shelter that knocks everybody out.

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