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Ever since I wrote the Beginner Guide to Shaman King, I noticed some of Hiroyuki Takei's earlier works are not in the database when I was linking his works to the Anime Vice pages in the guide.

Jumbor and Ultimo are in the database, but Anime Vice needs Butsu Zone and Death Zero. (Also, I think Anime Vice needs his one shot story, Itako no Anna).

Right now, I'm working on Shaman King's manga project by myself since February 2011. All I need to do is finish the anime's episodes' plot summaries in the late 40s to the 60's and the reformatting of the manga series. The work did not end when AgentJ told me about the Kanzenban series that has 27 volumes.


This mini project is only 3 volumes. This thread is to document what has happened in this project. It's will be short and sweet.

Thank you.


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As of October 7, 2011, finished formatting the three volumes with table of contents and added the four characters: Senju, Sachi, Jizo, and Mike Minoura.

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