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The giant robot weapons created by humanity to combat the space monster threat. Related to the Gunbuster franchise.


    Buster Machines are man-made weapons that were created in order to defend humanity against the threat of space monsters.  Buster Machines vary in type and size, ranging from small, shuttle type vehicles to planet-sized bombs.


    The first two Buster Machines were created at the same time and as part of the same project.  Buster Machines #1 and #2 combined to form the machine weapon Gunbuster but were also fully capable of flight and combat when seperated.
    Buster Machine #3 was created several years after Buster Machines #1 and #2 and was also very different; it was a so-called "Black Hole Bomb."  It was formed with the planet Jupiter (compressed to 1/16,000th its orignal size) as its core and was meant to be sent into the center of the galaxy (the source of the space monsters) and activated, creating a black hole and absorbing the main chunk of the space monsters.  
    Buster Machine #7 was a special unit made as part of a system meant to defend the solar system from further space monster attacks.  It is composed of one central control unit and several million smaller drone units. 
    Buster Machines #4-6, 8, and 9 are not seen in either series.  
    Buster Machines #10-19 were all meant to be used as hand-to-hand combat weapons.  While the Buster Machine Dix-Neuf is a part of this series, because of its survival over the years it was upgraded to an all purpose unit.
    Buster Machines #20-29 were fast units also meant for close range combat and specialized in sword weapons.
    Buster Machines #30-39 were made with heavy armor and equally heavy armaments.
    Buster Machines #40-49 were all unique prototypes.  Because of several accidents, however, most of them were sealed away.
    Buster Machines #50-59 were large, heavily armored units meant for solo operations or assaulting a space monster nest.
    Buster Machines #60-69 were all-purpose Buster Machines built as combinations of the 20's and 30's series.
    Buster Machines #70-79 were also all-purpose machines but with much heavier armor.  Because of the extra armor, the cost to produce them skyrocketed.
    Buster Machines #80-89, unlike #70-79, were low-cost, lightweight machines meant for hit and run tactics with the ability to transform.  Dix-Neuf was modified with a coat from this production line and given the ability to transform.
    Buster Machine #90, Quatre-Vingt-Dix, is the newest and last known Buster Machine.  It seems to be a lightweight machine with unique abilities, much like the machines #40-49.


Exhibit A.
Exhibit A.
Apparently, all Buster Machines shown (with the exception of Buster Machine #3) are required to launch with their arms crossed.  
Exhibit B.
Exhibit B.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Buster Machine
Japanese Name: ブスタ— マチン
Romaji Name: Busutaa Mashiin
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Gunbuster #4
1st anime movie:
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