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A vampire and a member of Ayakashi. He's also partners with Toutan.


Blue is a water demon in human form, traveling with Keel, Lavi and Mippy while seeking for revenge against Kurokiri, the man who slaughter his entire family and race.


Thomas' cousin whose determined to acquire the Proof of Lordship to become the next head of the Adams family by any means necessary.


An S-Class monster and guardian deity of Gokuraku village whose known as The Bird of Paradise. It also takes the human form of a young girl.


Silver's older brother and a member of the Ayakashi.


The best information broker who lives in Shiton.


Keel is the Dragon Ape in human form and travels with Ravi, Mippy and Blue in search of Siva to revert him back to his original form.

Kurokiri Setsuna

One of the Shikyou and the leader of the Ayakashi who slaughtered Blue's entire race, the Suiki.

Lavi Heartful

Lavi is a monster user that travels alongside Keel, Mippy and Happy in search of her teacher, Siva.


The adopted mother of Keel, Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru who was ordered to sell them into slavery by her organization. However, her love for them made her disobey her orders and consequently killed herself as punishment for her betrayal.


Lavi's devil pig monster.


The Shiton Branch Chief of the Adventurer Guild and Gomeji's ex-wife.


Keel's teacher and a member of "The Seven".


A White Dragon and Judy's monster.


Gold's younger sister and a member of the Ayakashi.


The world's best monster user who sealed Keel in a human form and was Lavi's teacher. He recently became part of "The Seven", a group of elite adventurers.

Soul Eater

An endangered and high ranked monster who devours human souls.


A young boy who hires Keel and his team to help him acquire the Proof of Lordship in order to become the next head of the Adams family.


A Double Mouth monster and a member of Ayakashi. He's also partners with Banpaa.

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