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Burst Angel is an anime series in the Burst Angel franchise
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Leader of the Gang!!!! Reviewed by Werewolverine4 on Oct. 4, 2011. Werewolverine4 has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Vividred Operation.

Alright everyone, this anime is about mechs, ecchi, and a lot of action throughout the entire series. The story focuses mainly at Jo, who is the heroine and main character of the show. Meg, who is either useful or usually gets in the way by getting kidnapped for no reason whatsoever, like she wants Jo to save her all the time. Also Meg's bust is too big which sort of is the reason why she easily gets captured in the first place. Amy, who is the youngest of the group, although she is wicked smart with computers and hacking. And last but not least Sei, the leader of the notorious mercenary group. But to me Sei has a better bust size than Meg if you ask me! Bai Lan is the group that they work for, who gives them the jobs to do. This group is run by Sei's grandfather and she is the heir to Bai Lan. At times Kyohei, the hired cook for the gang is showed checking out restaurants so he can be Conneisour, a chief who makes completely new food.

There is only one episode that contains the most ecchi out of the entire show is, "Slingin' Oil". This is episode fifteen, it's supposed to be a fanservice episode which someone requested, to be made during Burst Angel's airing time. This is one of my favorite episodes out of the entire series.

I think that everyone should get a chance to check out both the anime and manga of Burst Angel. Which I believe was a good series although, it didn't had a good understanding of what happened to Jo or Sei, at the end of the last episode. Still I think that Funimation should commit to their promise of another series for Burst Angel. Which I hope it will be just as interesting as the first season of Burst Angel.

That's Werewolverine4 signing off!!!!

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