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Before I get to the special review, I want to bring up the two commercial supporting this episode.

The first had a grown-up, game-addicted layabout inexplicably managing to convince his parents (whose basement’s he’s living in) that he’s cool simply because he bought KFC’s new popcorn chicken (presumably with their money, too.)

The second was basically trying to present T.G.I.F. as some really happening place to take sexy ladies (or meet sexy ladies there? Was that the idea?) if you want to get laid on a Friday night (when else at T.G.I.F.?). Yes, that was the implicit message. Friday’s is your sophisticated date spot.

Considering how cunning ad firms have gotten about zeroing in on their precise target demographics, I can’t help wondering what image they have of the type of people streaming BURST ANGEL online.

Thinking about IT, that whole preamble maybe says more about BURST ANGEL than any amount of plot summary or focused criticism. I’ve got to think of a good shorthand for it - - Stereotypical Anime, perhaps? - - but this is very much the sort of show that fosters all the otaku stereotypes that ever get goofed on in stand-up routines and sitcoms. Freakin’ show starts with an undead mecha battle with no discernible connection to the main plot (which is unsurprisingly about four kickass girls in lingerie who mercilessly push around the one emasculated man in their life.)

So yeah, there are most definitely impractically huge pistols fitted into hot pant holsters on this show.

That said, I actually did kind-of enjoy the sitcom set-up here - - if only because these girl have got to be the most superlatively awful assholes I’ve run into in any of these shows. That seems to be totally intentional, of course. Methinks their put-upon chef’s eventually going to spin the situation on this torment… but, man, does it take skill to make characters that shrewish in the mean time. Bravo.

Watch this episode, "Hell Comes Silently” here and decide for yourself.

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Ah, I think you missed the point of the KFC commercial. I don't think you were focusing on what they wanted you to.

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@YotaruVegeta said:

Ah, I think you missed the point of the KFC commercial. I don't think you were focusing on what they wanted you to.

What? How great a deal the new Popcorn Chicken is?

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Oh yeah, this show. The only thing I remember about it was the one girl whose sole purpose was to get kidnapped every other episode so that her girlfriend could ride to her rescue in every following episode. Well, that and how the VAs in the dubbed version voiced the characters from Osaka with the worst backwater Texas hick accents this side of the Pacific.

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@Tom_Pinchuk: No. You were like "look at this manchild living off his parents" The point was that this bite-sized chicken is so adult, that it makes even a manchild look mature.

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If I recall right, the characters are supposed to be looesly based on the leads from "Little Women". Regardless, I wasn't able to get past the first episode of this one.

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I only partially remember watching Burst Angel. I must not have been pleased. I'll still read the column to see how you feel about it though.

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Show is a bit of a Bubble Gum Crisis homage in a few ways .Almost a anti Bubble Gum Crisis parody .Animation can be good, stories can be average .I watched it dubed an ya southern accent was bit much.

About that KFC commercial with the KFC Bites..sorry the message is not "gee these are so good the guy in the basement looks so mature now" its what every one sees.Oh look a loser in a basement likes these an his father shares his taste for chicken bites.As well as steals his sons food.Could have swore i seen this commercial on Hulu when i watch anime their as well as on Chrunchyroll.So ya they may well be target marketing.

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Fan of this show and I have the boxset Jo rocks.
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I hated this series. Don't even know why I watched the whole thing. Just annoying all around. And the boy, you hardly see him. You know how usually in anime the first couple characters you see are the main ones, right? Well this series doesn't quite fit that description.

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