Sket Dance #18 - Burning Falcon!

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 04/04/2011

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: 燃えろファルケン!, Moero faruken!


Chapter 154: A Perverted Criminal and 8 Eccentric People - "Hentai hannin to henjin hachinin" (へンタイ犯人とへンジン8人)

Chapter 155: Figuring Out Each Other's Motives - "Saguriai hara" (さぐりあい本音)

Switch reveals his latest invention, Braviera. It can pick up thoughts of animals and translates them, and the gang uses on Hosuke. However, the machine picks up their thoughts.

Chapter 156: The Road Roman Takes - "Roman ga michi o iku" (ロマンが道を往く)

Chapter 157: The Ninja, the Demon, and the Red Horns - "Shinobi to oni to akai tsuno" (忍と鬼と赤い角)

Chapter 158: Lonely Boy - "Sabishin bōi" (サビシンボーイ)

Chapter 159: Burning Falcon! "Moero faruken!" (燃えろファルケン!)

Chapter 160: The Secret Disciplinary - "Himitsu no chōbatsuiinkai" (ひみつの懲罰委員会)

Chapter 161: Roomshare Slapstick - "Rūmushea surappusuteikku" (ルームシェア・スラップスティック)

Chapter 162: Trouble Role-Reversal - "Toraburu rōru ribaasaru" (トラブル・ロール・リバーサル)


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Kenta Shinohara artist, writer,


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